Too Faced's New Palette Has Social Media Talking

by Kali Borovic

Wake up and smell the chocolate, my friends. With not much to go on except one photo and a handful of hashtags, people are already loving Too Faced's forthcoming Chocolate Chip palette on social media. Considering they don't even know what's inside it yet, I'd say that's some serious makeup dedication.

With any new makeup launch comes some social media chatter, but when Too Faced is involved, the obsession is instantaneous. Just hours after Too Faced Co-Founder Jarrod Blandino posted a sneak peek of the palette to his Instagram, it's is already becoming a cult product — and people can't even buy it yet! All that the picture shows is the adorable package with the words "Too Faced Chocolate Chip" on the front. That alone was enough to cause beauty lovers everywhere to take to Twitter to share their excitement.

The two most recent Too Faced eyeshadow palettes — Peanut Butter and Jelly and Sweet Peach (yes, both scented) — were instant hits in the beauty world, but it looks like the company isn't done with the chocolate theme just yet. Not too much else is known about the Chocolate Chip palette besides it's scent and size, but Blandino wasn't lying when he used #PrepareToBeHooked on his Instagram photo.

Hey, at least he gave the world a warning.

According to Blandino's other hashtags, the Chocolate Chip palette won't be out until Spring 2017, which means there's still a year to wait. That didn't stop people from freaking out though. There are stages to every great makeup launch, and Twitter users covered them all.

1. Shock

This is not a dream.

Sound the alarm!

Coherent thoughts are just not an option sometimes.

2. Confusion

Someone help a girl out!

You heard right.

On the lookout for some more info.

Give the world some answers, Too Faced!

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3. Excitement

The emojis explain just how exciting this all is.

Too Faced's hard work definitely doesn't go unnoticed.

Yes, caps lock is necessary.

4. Reality Sinks In

The struggle is real.

Wallets are crying all over the world.

Some people just aren't ready for this yet.

You're not the only one girl.

Ultimately, people are pretty pumped about the sneak peek. If there's this much excitement a year before the launch, I can only imagine how quickly this will sell out.