Miley's Openly Flirting With This Olympian

It looks like Olympic freestyle skier Gus Kenworthy isn't distracted by all the Tinder-ing going on in Sochi. He has his eyes on the prize, and wants the whole world to know. On Thursday, the athlete won a silver medal in slopestyle, a new freestyle skiing event and helped secure all three spots in the event for Team USA. So who did he want as his Valentine to help him celebrate his huge victory? None other than Miley Cyrus. On Friday, Valentine's Day, Gus Kenworthy tweeted a message to Miley Cyrus on NBC Olympics' Twitter account.

The athlete wrote, "Miley Cyrus, will you be my Valentine?" within a heart on a dry-erase board, while holding up his silver medal.

Cyrus started following him on Twitter a few days later (she's a busy gal on tour now) and Kenworthy was thrilled. So thrilled, in fact, that he publicly punned with no remorse that her follow hit him "like a wrecking ball."

The "Adore You" singer then re-tweeted a picture of Kenworthy and the litter of puppies that he's trying to adopt and bring home from Russia, with a sweet message.

Well, isn't this all kinds of mushy and cute. Cyrus isn't exactly known to be a sentimental woman, but maybe something about puppies and Olympic athletes makes her heart warm and fuzzy.

When Kenworthy gets back to the U.S. and Cyrus gets home from the Bangerz tour in June, maybe they'll be able to turn their Twitter flirtation into something more. After all, they're both adventurous and are comfortable in the spotlight (understatement for Cyrus). They're both outgoing world travelers and could have a very understanding long distance relationship. Will he be her #1 Smiler soon? Only time will tell.