Rob's Making Everybody Mad On 'KUWTK'

by Nicole Pomarico

When the news broke that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna were dating — and later that they were engaged — my immediate first thought was about what his family might think of their relationship. After all, Chyna is Tyga's ex (and baby mama) and there's been some serious drama involving her, her BFF Amber Rose, and Khloe in the past. But, finally, after months of anticipation, the real answer to that question is here. On Sunday night's Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12 premiere, Rob's relationship with Chyna caused major drama, but it wasn't all because of Chyna's other ties with their family.

If you keep up with the Kards as hardcore as I do, you already know that everyone in the fam has a different idea of how they should handle the Rob situation. Generally, Kris wants to help him out a lot while his sisters (especially Kim and Khloe) are of the opinion that she should stop enabling him so that he'll build a life for himself on his own. Needless to say, as much as these ladies love their brother, it seems like they're pretty frustrated by watching someone they love struggle so much.

And then, the usually patient Khloe finally reached the end of her rope with him. One day, she claims she came home earlier than Rob expected her to, and she found him and Chyna in her house, which upset her. Unfortunately, none of this happened on camera, which is clearly disappointing since not only do I want to see Rob on KUWTK again, but I imagine it would have made for quite a scene. Either way, she got mad enough that Rob moved out, and, as far as the family knows, he's living with Chyna. And, then, if it was even possible, it got worse.

Blac Chyna posted a photo of an iPad on Instagram which was a surprise gift from Rob, but it's actually the same iPad Kendall gave him for his birthday. As you can expect, Kendall totally lost it, and Rob didn't see the problem. Sorry, Rob, but I'm on Kendall's side with this one. Regifting isn't cool! I combed through Chyna's Instagram to find the photo in question, but it seems to have been deleted.

Part of me hopes that this drama is dialed back on the show before Rob and Chyna announce their engagement, and part of me hopes it never dies because it's so entertaining to watch. Either way, I want Rob to be on screen and not just on the phone next time. I'm ready for Rob's return!

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