The Pop Culture References In Drake’s “Child Play” Are Insanely Clever

Drake's fourth studio album dropped on Thursday night, and it's a seriously big beast. Views is 20 tracks long, clocks in at one hour and 22 minutes and serves as one long reel of references: to real-life events, Drake's ex-girlfriends, other rappers, rivals. Oh yeah, and brands. Drake likes brands a lot. "Child's Play" is a great example of this, with Drake namechecking nine big brands in just four minutes. In fact, Drake checks so many brands and pop cultural items that you're probably going to need a guide to keep them all straight. So let's go through all the pop culture references on Drake's "Child's Play," which is a list that wasn't exactly child's play to put together, let me tell you.

The song is an addictively catchy track that demands special attention on musical grounds alone. It opens on some spoken word nonsense, "Breaking news my n*ggas/If your girlfriend has went to any/Season opener basketball game/Best believe, she's f*cking some n*ggas on that team/She's f*cking somebody on the basketball team/If she's at the game." Uh, yeah, sure, Drake. Or maybe women like basketball. This might be a novel concept to wrap your mind around, but I'll give you some time. It seems like you need it.

1. The "Cheesecake Factory" Reference

The first verse opens on some modern day poetry:

Why you gotta fight with me at CheesecakeYou know I love to go there

This is great because we can all relate to the frustration of dating someone who doesn't respect the sacred space that is Cheesecake Factory. Cut that girl out like you should be cutting sugar out of your diet, Drake.

2. The Toyota Reference

Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

He continues:

Say I'm actin' lightskin, I can't take you nowhereThis a place for families that drive Camrys and go to DisneyThey don't need to know all of our business

The Camry is a 2.4 kids, four bedroom house in the suburbs type Toyota. Not something Drake'll be driving anytime soon, trust me.

3. The Disney Reference

In the same line, Drake also mentions Disney. But hey, stop hating on Disney. Disneyland's fun no matter if you live in the 'burbs/a bustling metropolis/have kids/have a stuffed pet iguana. That's just some universal good times.

3. The CVS Reference

He goes on:

You wildin', you super childish, you go to CVS for Kotex

Sure, TV shopping is wild. Wild fun. Millionaires like Drake have lost touch with the good time pastimes of common people like us. Go buy an imitation crystal set of glasses and get back to me, Drake.

4. The Kotex Reference

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Ha, yeah, the buying Kotex at CVS is a pretty epic burn. But Drake makes an excellent point: why are so many modern, empowered ladies embarrassed to go buy sanitary towels in public? Personally, I do my bit for society by wearing a used tampon round my neck like a chic necklace at all times.

4. The Bugatti Reference

Then this happens:

In my Bugatti, I took the key and tried to hide itSo you can't drive it, and put on milageThen you find it, awkward silence

OK, now Drake's just showing off. Bugatti doesn't need his endorsement, anyhow, because Tiga beat Drake to the punchline by two years. Let's be real, this video is EVERYTHING:

THUMP on YouTube

But whatever. Point is, Drake, why've you got to be so mean? Hiding car keys from your partner is on a similar level of childishness as ordering sanitary products from a TV shopping channel.

5. The Chanel Reference

I give Chanel out like a hug I know

He's single-handedly funding Coco Chanel's empire via his insane generosity (but emotional Scrooge-ing — did anyone else read this as him giving out goods instead of actual hugs? Sad.)

6. The Louis Vuitton Reference

Lying to protect you I be doing that a lotMy past check like the Louis you just got

Yeah, we get it, you're a baller with a lot of cash. Honestly, I'm glad his girlfriend got a Louis Vuitton bag out of this relationship. Otherwise, when it reaches its inevitably end, all she'd be left with were the crushing memories.

7. The Cadillac Reference

Took you from the hood, and I could never give you backI just wanna let you know that someone love you backAll the Cadillac, I'm gon' tear this bender back

Cadillac! Drake has access to a wide selection of luxury driving options.

So there you have it. Drake owns a lot of really fancy stuff and luxury goods but is also also a man of the people who knows about less luxury type items (CVS, Kotex). He's the ultimate "treat yo'self" supporter and thinks we should all be too — so please take this as Drake's explicit permission to go out and celebrate Drake's new album by buying lots of cool stuff.

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