These Drake 'VIEWS' Lyrics Are Smoking Hot

Move over Justin Timberlake, Drake is the one bringing sexy back now. Now that you have listened to VIEWS in its entirety at least eight times, you have surely noticed the album is crazy sexy. In fact, I think Drake's VIEWS is the sexiest album of 2016 so far. "Faithful" and "Fire & Desire" alone have enough heat to start a summer bonfire.

Drake infused a lot of emotions into his 20 track masterpiece, but in between all the heartbreak and swagger is the steamy goodness fans have come to expect from the man who gave the world "Hotline Bling." From the unbridled yearning of "Redemption" to the steamy descriptions of dancing in "One Dance," Drake is ready to woo you with his flawless raps. Will every song on the album get you hot and bothered? No, but when Drake pulls out his moves of hotness he is hotter than basically anyone else on the planet. Seriously, the sexiness is strong with this one.

Before I get started, go ahead and prepare your fainting couch and fancy lady fan because these 11 lyrics from VIEWS are so deliciously, scandalously hot, they will leave you lightheaded thanks to the sheer sexiness of Drake's word wizardry.

1. I Need To Know, Where Do You Wanna Go? Cause If You're Down, I'll Take It Slow — "One Dance"

This is Drake talking dirty to you. Whether you see a double entendre in the lyrics are not, this line is pure seduction.

2. You A Real A** Woman, And I Like It/ I Don't Want To Fight It — "Fire & Desire"

There is nothing in this world sexier than a man totally loving the confidence and inherent awesomeness of the woman in his life.

3. I Won't Have Affairs, I'm Yours, Girl — "Faithful"

Drake contradicts this statement in the very next verse, but when he's crooning this line it is all you can hear.

4. Yeah, OK, You Like It When I Get Aggressive/ Tell You To Go Slower, Go Faster — "Controlla"

Excuse me while I fan myself. A bit of consensual power play can be a major turn on, especially since most of this song is Drake basically worshiping his partner.

5. I'm Followin' Your Lead, I Ask What You Need — "Fire & Desire"

See above. Again, partners taking turns taking the lead is not only attractive, it's romantic.

6. I Want To Get Straight To The Climax — "Faithful"

This line speaks for itself. I mean, Drake is being straightforward about what he wants and what he wants is steamy sex.

7. And Now You're Coming Over And Over And Over And Over And Over And Over Again — "Faithful"

Are you starting to see why I recommended the fainting couch? Drake is not holding back on the heat.

8. We Both Slide On A Late Night/ Do Things In Our Off Time — "U With Me?"

Clandestine affairs with exes are both heartbreaking and alluring — at least they are when Drake is singing about them.

9. Yeah, I Can't Get Enough Of You, Babe — "With You"

Even the simplest lyric becomes provocative when Drake is the one singing it. Just close your eyes and pretend he's singing at you. Pure bliss.

10. Me I'm Movin' Quiet, All The Things We're Tryin'/ Let's Just Keep It Private — "Fire & Desire"

Drake wants to keep his relationship private because it is new and steamy, and whoa, is that ever sexy.

11. Keep You In The Front, Never In The Back — "Fire & Desire"

Someone give the man a standing ovation.

Now you can skip straight to the best daydream material on your next VIEWS listen. You're welcome.

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