Did Prince Harry & Prince William Become Stormtroopers? This 'Star Wars' Rumor Is The Craziest Yet

This is the best rumor I've heard from this galaxy or one far, far away in a long time: According to E! News, Prince William and Prince Harry were on the Star Wars: Episode VIII set in London, and they may have filmed something with the cast. Like, I'm talking an actual scene in full Stormtrooper gear. There's no word yet on if this is in fact true or not, but I gotta say, the description of the scene is sort of insane (and, on some levels when I think about it, probably too crazy to be true): E! News' source claimed either Stormtrooper William or Stormtrooper Harry was required to pat Daisy Riddley's butt in the alleged scene. If that turns out to be true, here is hoping Rey uses the Force on the royal Stormtrooper in question.

The source also specified that it wasn't clear if the alleged scene was for the movie or if it was for a charity special. Of course, if a scene like this did exist for the movie, it wouldn't be the first time a famous Brit had covertly appeared as a Stormtrooper in the franchise. James Bond himself, Daniel Craig, filmed a scene as a Stormtrooper in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens and appears briefly in the movie, proving you never know who is lurking under those helmets. Just for the cool factor alone, I hope Prince William and Prince Harry make it into the movie — being princes is already amazing, but being in Star Wars certifies your cool status forever. Imagine how much more impressed Prince George and Princess Charlotte would be with their dad in a few years when they're able to figure out what movie are!

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Aside from one of the Stormtroopers getting handsy with Rey, the alleged scene is also said to include John Boyega and Benicio del Toro. The Mail on Sunday reported, "The Princes dressed up in full Stormtrooper gear and filmed a scene in which Rey and Finn infiltrate a secret base. The rebel characters are in a lift with Benicio del Toro’s character when a group of Stormtroopers enter — two of whom are William and Harry." Guys, cross everything crossable, because this needs to be true!

Whether they filmed a scene or not, Prince Harry and Prince William definitely visited the set recently. They tried out lightsabers, met Chewbacca, and got to hang out with the cast (including BB-8!). Obviously, this was the best day ever for the royal brothers. While the princes were reportedly there to support the movie's use of British talent, there was definitely some geeking out too.

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It's cool to see that even though they are royal, the princes are just as enchanted by the world of Star Wars as everyone else is. Here's hoping their alleged scene makes it into the film's final cut.