A 'Fuller House' Season 2 Premiere Date Might Be Even Sooner Than Initially Anticipated, So Get Excited

If there's one thing that 2016 confirmed, it's that we simply cannot get enough of the '90s nostalgia. Much to our delight, we were given revivals of our favorite '90s shows like The X-Files and Full House — and both received such incredible ratings that it immediately seemed like more seasons were on the horizon. We're still waiting on X-Files confirmation (the busy filming schedules of the aliens may hold up negotiations), but the premiere date of Fuller House Season 2 may not be as far away as expected. So, that next marathon session may be in sight.

Although no date has been officially confirmed, E! Online reported Friday that Season 2 of the series is fast-approaching. The outlet quoted star and executive producer John Stamos as saying: "The fans of the show loved the show. [Netflix] renewed [it] within, like, a day." So, everyone who stayed up all night watching every single episode — thank you for your service! It means we don't have a long, painful wait ahead of us. There is typically a yearlong gap between seasons of Netflix originals, such as Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, and Orange is the New Black. However, Stamos' words indicate that we may not need to wait a year for Season 2.


In fact, he went on to tell E! that Netflix "sort of put a rush on it." Although they haven't announced the dates, Stamos says "they're going to be a lot sooner than we released last year's." Fuller House premiered on February 26, 2016 — so, unless Stamos is toying with our emotions, it sounds like we may get Season 2 later this year, or possibly in January 2017. Also, we can rest assured that the writers are on top of it — according to Stamos, they've already completed the scripts for 10 out of the 13 episodes. "The writers are really working hard over there and they're great," he tells E!

Stamos isn't the only star who's eager to begin filming Season 2 — in a recent interview with E!, DJ (uh, I meant Candace Cameron-Bure) seemed enthusiastic about what's in store for her character. She teased that a big storyline for her character will be second thoughts about Steve and Matt, the guys who vied for her attention in Season 1 and are now happily coupled with other women after she rejected them.

Luckily, it sounds like we won't have to impatiently wait until 2017 to find out what's in store for the Tanner family.

Images: Netflix; Giphy