'Fuller House' Actor John Brotherton Bumped To Series Regular, So Does This Mean DJ Picks Matt In Season 2?

There’s nothing that I love more than a love triangle. I mean, maybe cheesecake and puppies, but, barring that, I’m going to root for a love triangle all the way. So when DJ Tanner found herself in one heck of a love triangle with Steve and Matt on the final episode of Fuller House, I just about jumped out of my seat with delight. There may have been giddy hand clapping. And there may have also been squeals that would make the aforementioned puppies cry. So imagine my delight when I heard on Monday that John Brotherton has been promoted to a series regular on Fuller House. There was plenty of giddy hand clapping, even loud squeals (if that’s even possible), and some immediate questions that popped in to my mind. Like, does this mean that DJ and Matt are going to make it official in Season 2?

You remember Matt. He’s the son of DJ’s boss who comes and takes over the vet clinic that she had her heart set on one day owning. By the end of Season 1, the two have made out more times than I can count and have decided to work together to make the clinic as amazing as it can be. But when DJ has to choose between Matt and Steve in the final episode, she decides that choosing herself is the best option for her in this moment, especially since she doesn’t feel ready to commit to anyone.


And as much as I loved DJ’s decision at the end of Season 1 (because, you know, feminism and all), when I heard that Brotherton was going to be a regular on Season 2, all of that philosophical stuff about autonomy and girl power went right out the window. Because I really, really, really want Matt and DJ to get together in Season 2.

Of course I really shouldn’t get ahead of myself here. They’re coworkers, after all. The fact that he was made a series regular could just be because he will be on the series more regularly as DJ’s workmate. But come on. We all know that the tension between them is palpable.

So no matter what the reason might actually be for John Brotherton to be made a series regular, I’m just happy that DJ will have him around to play off of for Season 2. Whether it’s as a romantic interest or not, the chemistry between those two is undeniable.

Image: Netflix; Giphy