President Obama's Best Jokes From The 2016 White House Correspondents' Dinner Prove He's A Comedian At Heart — VIDEO

OK Larry Wilmore, I'm gonna let you finish because you're the perfect host for President Obama's final White House Correspondents' Dinner. But, I'm not going to lie — Obama's speech is the portion of the evening I was most looking forward to. First of all, his previous speeches have basically earned him the status of comedian thanks to his ribbing of everyone from Dick Cheney to Donald Trump to himself. I mean, who could ever forget the 2011 dinner when he famously skewered Trump? And, since it's his last dinner as President of the United States, he really didn't need to hold back this year and the best jokes from Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner speech prove that he could definitely have a career as a comedian when he leaves the White House next year.

No one was spared — especially not "The Donald," but Obama also directed some good-natured ribbing towards Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. And, as always, he didn't hesitate to poke fun at himself. Still, he took time for some serious moments and gave sincere thanks to the members of the press, particularly those who put themselves in grave danger in order to expose the truths of what's happening in other countries. Before concluding his speech with the words, "Obama out," our President gave us these great moments:

1. On Being A "Lame Duck" President

Obama commented that in just six short months, he'll officially be a lame duck president, saying this "means Congress will reject my authority and Republican leaders won't take my phone calls. This is going to take some getting used to. It's a curveball."

He went on to quip that for months Republicans have been telling him there are certain things he can't do during his final year in office, concluding that "unfortunately, this dinner wasn't one of them."

2. On Meeting Prince George

Who could forget this perfect photo of Obama meeting Prince George? Well, the President had a few strong words at his attire: "[He] showed up to our meeting in just his bathrobe. That was a slap in the face and a clear breach of protocol."

3. On CNN

Obama noted that key press staff are starting to leave the White House, before delivering this epic line: "Jake Tapper left journalism to join CNN." #Burn

4. On Helen Mirren

"Helen Mirren is here tonight," Obama said, adding that he doesn't have a joke — he just thinks Helen Mirren is awesome. Hear, hear!

5. On The Absence Of "The Donald"

"Is he at home eating a Trump steak, tweeting out insults to Angela Merkel?" Obama wondered aloud. (The answer is probably yes.)

6. On The State Of The GOP

Obama gave this amazing shout-out to Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus: "Congratulations on all your success. The Republican party, the nomination process. It’s all going great. Keep it up."

7. On Hillary Clinton's Attempts To Appeal To Young People

"It's a little like your relative who just signed up for Facebook. 'Did you just get my poke? Is it showing up on your wall?'"

8. On Bernie Sanders

After praising Sanders' campaign slogan, Obama told the candidate that he looks like a million bucks, "Or, to put it in terms you'll understand, you look like 37,000 donations of $27 each."

9. On John Kasich

"Some candidates aren't polling high enough to qualify for their own joke tonight," Obama observed. None for you, John Kasich!

10. On A Possible Brokered Convention

"Republicans at the dinner tonight were asked, 'Steak or fish?' A whole bunch wrote in...'Paul Ryan.'"

11. On Trump's Extensive Foreign Policy Experience

In defense of The Donald, Obama pointed out that he has spent years meeting with leaders — you know, like Miss Sweden and Miss Argentina.

Obama's whole speech was amazing and it's definitely worth a re-watch:

Oh Obama, how I'm going to miss you. Our next commander-in-chief has big shoes to fill in the comedy department.