This Just Took Music Videos To A New Level

by Allie Gemmill

Ingrid Michaelson just set the bar for artistic innovation a little higher. In a seemingly revolutionary move, Michaelson chose to use Snapchat as the medium for her latest single "Hell No." Michaelson's music can reasonably be branded as the sunnier side pop, with hits like "Love Song," "Be OK" and "Girls Chase Boys" infectiously brightening the airwaves on a regular basis. She's offbeat, fun, and just cool as hell. Don't believe me? Then let's take a closer look at the music video for "Hell No" and I think you'll start to understand why Michaelson is certifiably awesome.

How is a Snapchat music video even possible? It might seem a bit odd, trying to create a three-minute long music video when Snapchat videos last mere seconds. But let's not forget that it's very possible to re-purpose Snapchat into another artistic fashion. Michaelson's reasoning behind using one of everyone's fave apps was as economic as it was charming: it's free. Yeah, that's right. Not only is Michaelson making a bold choice, she's making a smart one too. And what about all the hassle of constantly filming when you only have a few seconds to get it right? Not to mention constantly scrolling through the proper filters to get the filter to somewhat match the lyrics? Well, it looks like it was a labor of love for Michaelson: According to Select/All, Michaelson revealed shooting took four weeks.

To be perfectly honestly, the results look cheeky and geeky and perfect.

As a song, "Hell No" is incredibly catchy and anthemic. It's a summer song to blast when you're driving in your car or singing into your hairbrush. Michaelson channels all of us by using these silly Snapchat filters as a means of self-expression and silliness. How many of us use these filters just to give our mood a little lift from time to time? It can't be just me, right? It's the perfect encapsulation of Michaelson's own musical inclinations. Well, that and it's a great way to use an app. She lets no filter go to waste in this mini-masterpiece. It's simply perfect.

This is the one song you need to keep on repeat as you dive into your weekend. Both the song and video that is "Hell No" is something you never knew you needed until now. Maybe it's time we all start making our own Snapchat music videos too.

Images: IngridMichaelson/YouTube