Why Did Arianna Huffington & DJ Khaled Walk The White House Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet Together?

It may surprise viewers to see this unlikely pair walking down the red carpet in style, but we're kind of digging it. Yes, that's right: Arianna Huffington and DJ Khaled showed up to the 2016 White House Correspondent's Dinner, and they looked damn good doing it. Now, only one burning question remains: Why?

As it turns out, DJ Khaled was invited to the dinner as a special guest at the Huffington Post table, and it's actually not that surprising. This political year is all about campaigning on social media and creating viral moments from the Bernie bird, to protesters interrupting Hilary, to Ted Cruz's mid-debate booger. DJ Khaled is a guy that knows how to take a thing viral (after all, we are talking about a man who made the news cycle by releasing a video of himself opening a magnum of champagne underwater for no clear purpose), so it makes sense that Arianna and the rest of the Huffington Post gang would want to align themselves with his genius.

The pair were some of the first to arrive at the event, and there's no doubt that DJ Khaled will be Snapchatting and Tweeting some of the night's more interesting moments. As a matter of fact, he already has.

And here's Huffington and Khaled looking smooth together on the red carpet:

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They the best.

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