The WHCD Commentators Don't Get Flats

The commentators dishing on the 2016 White House Correspondent's Dinner red carpet have a big job to do. In a short frame of time, they've got to discuss dozens of celebrities and politicians arriving to the event, and they've also got provide some insight on the fashion side of things.

We're not sure who the two male commentators of this year's red carpet are, but there's one thing we do know: They don't have a firm grasp on the concept of flats, the most versatile and comfortable of the shoes. After observing several women in heels, the commentators began to ponder just how all of the beautiful women at the WHCD would fare in their stilettos and pumps. Some gems from their conversation:

"Is it more common for women to wear comfortable shoes?"

"If they come with a team of people, there may be more comfortable shoes tucked in a bag."

"But most people just tough it out."

"Is it common in Hollywood?"

"I think some women do prefer to wear high heels."

They then went on to talk about women wearing sneakers under their gowns, seemingly unaware of the existence of flats. We can't help but feel bad for the two of them, because obviously when it comes to women's footwear, they're slightly out of their depth. At least one person on Twitter caught it, too:

Flats, gentlemen. They're game-changers.