Possible Bad News For Urban Decay 'Alice' Lipstick

by Gina Jones 2

A new Urban Decay collaboration collection equals a new frenzy to get ahold of the line before it sells out. After all, who knows if the Urban Decay Alice Through The Looking Glass lipsticks will be restocked? Considering the collection only launched on May 1, and as of right now, it hasn't yet sold out, we can't be entirely sure.

Looking back on previous limited edition releases by Urban Decay, however — including the previous Alice In Wonderland palette — it would seem that once a collection is sold out, it's sold out for good. When the Alice In Wonderland eyeshadow palette sold out in six hours back in 2011, according to Allure, that was basically it for Disney fans who wanted to purchase products straight from the Urban Decay website. No restock ensued.

If you're interested in the Alice Through The Looking Glass merchandise or you just want everything made by Urban Decay ever, my advice is to get on the Urban Decay website as soon as you can to purchase the Alice Through The Looking Glass palette and/or the five limited edition Alice Through The Looking Glass lipsticks before they go. If the last Alice In Wonderland collaboration left the site in six hours, there's no telling how long we have left before this sequel collection is sold out, too.

So what's actually available in the latest limited edition collection from Urban Decay? A 20 shade palette of new shadows inspired by Disney's Alice In Wonderland sequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass, and an accompanying five shades of lipsticks, all channeling old and new favorite characters from the two Lewis Carroll stories.

You can also find the entire collection on,,, and come May 5, and in stores as well.

Urban Decay Lipstick in Time, $18,

Urban Decay Lipstick in Mirana, $18,

The lipsticks feature two purples — a bright tone and a dark one — a bright red, a deep metallic blue, and a nude hue. In order, they are named Mad Hatter, Mirana (the White Queen), Iracebeth (the Red Queen), Time, and, of course, Alice.

The one character you might not recognize, Time, is a part clock, part human creature who we'll be introduced to on May 27 in Tim Burton's Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Urban Decay Lipstick in Iracebeth, $18,

If I haven't convinced you to race over to the Urban Decay website to stock up on these very limited edition items, just remember: Once they're gone, they're likely to be gone forever. Invest now or forever hold your peace.

Images: Urban Decay