13 'Bachelor' Couples That Lasted About One Second

by Loretta Donelan

Despite the fact that The Bachelor has seen very few successful couples in its long history, contestants still line up every year, apparently still hoping to find their forever loves. Unfortunately, not only have few pairs stayed together in the long term, but many Bachelor couples split up very quickly. Some of these duos don't even make it until the final episode airs, which must be a bitter viewing for the former couple, watching the hopeful beginning of their relationship with freshly cynical eyes. And while The Bachelorette has a higher success rate of couples who have stayed together as of 2015 at 30%, according to The Huffington Post, The Bachelor's number is surprisingly low, at just 11%.

While there are a few couples who have made it in the long-term they are unfortunately outnumbered by those whose relationships barely continued past the end of the show. These failed couples break up up amicably or non-amicably, with many of the pairs attempting to prolong their fame in various creative ways. Ben Higgins, the most recent Bachelor, has so far stayed with fiancé Lauren Bushnell, but the couple has been stirring up breakup rumors as of late. Will they join these other short-lived couples from The Bachelor? Only time will tell.

1. Aaron Buerge And Helene Eksterowicz

The Season 2 couple only remained engaged for five weeks before reportedly breaking up in a Starbucks, according to People.

2. Jesse Palmer And Jessica Bowlin

The couple tried to make long distance work after the season finale, but they were only to last a couple of months.

3. Jake Pavelka And Vienna Girardi

In a pretty low blow, even by Bachelor standards, Pavelka broke up with Girardi over the phone after three months.

4. Andy Baldwin And Tessa Horst

Three months seems to be the limit for many Bachelor pairings, including this Season 16 couple.

5. Andrew Firestone And Jen Schefft

The couple only lasted a few months after Firestone's proposal; Firestone described himself as too young for the commitment.

6. Chris Soules And Whitney Bischoff

The recent couple were engaged for a sold six months. Not too bad, for a Bachelor couple.

7. Travis Lane Stork And Sarah Stone

These two hold the record for the quickest breakup (that fans know of), lasting only a week after their season's final episode aired.

8. Lorenzo Borghese And Jennifer Wilson

In what kind of counts as a long relationship in Bachelor time, Wilson and her prince lasted almost a year.

9. Matt Grant And Shayne Lamas

Grant and Lamas ended their engagement after a rocky two months.

10. Jason Mesnick And Melissa Rycroft

In one of the most notable splits in Bachelor history, Mesnick broke up with Rycroft to propose to the show's runner-up on the After the Final Rose special.

11. Ben Flajnik And Courtney Robertson

The couple ended their tumultuous relationship after only a few months.

12. Juan Pablo Galavis And Nikki Ferrell

No one expected this controversial couple to last long, and they did not disappoint.

13. Brad Womack And Emily Maynard

Womack, the only two-time Bachelor, and Maynard reportedly began spiraling out once they watched the final episode of the show.

Will Ben and Lauren end up on this list? Time will tell, but they've already made it past the critical three-month mark, so my fingers are crossed.