'Game Of Thrones' Reveals Hodor's Past

Once again, Game of Thrones has proven that even its most sweet and mildest of characters have a rather compelling past. It's been quite some time since we last checked in with Bran Stark, yet his return proved to be well worth the wait. During a particularly interesting vision, Bran came across a few familiar faces at a very young age (like Ned and Lyanna Stark, for example!), along with his fellow traveling companion, Hodor, then called Wylis, who can talk, believe it or not! That's right, my friends — Hodor was speaking! As in, using words other than his own name. (Though apparently that wasn't even his given birth name.) So what happened to Hodor on Game of Thrones that made him lose the ability to speak? And why is he no longer called Wylis?

The only response he gave to Bran when questioned on all this was his typical remark of "Hodor," so the mystery continues to go unsolved. However, I have a sneaking suspicion we'll learn more about what happened to him in due course. Maybe not in this episode, though. Heck, maybe not even in the next three episodes. But, I highly doubt that we would've been shown this interesting piece of information without there being any follow-up. I need a Hodor-centric backstory scene ASAP!

Image: HBO