'The Lego Movie' Wins the Box Office: 7 Other Toys & Games We Want Transformed to Film

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In case you missed it, The Lego Movie continues to smash box office competition. The Lego Movie has raked in well over $120 million in just two weekends which is huge for an animated film...especially one that was released in February. Despite the historically cold and snowy winter we've been having, audiences are going out in droves to see The Lego Movie . Maybe we all just needed a little reminder that despite our collective cabin fever that, "Everything is Awesome."

With the massive success of The Lego Movie, it won't be long before movie companies begin expanding on the childhood-toy-turned-feature-film genre. Here at Bustle we have a few suggestions for Hollywood of our favorite toys and games that would make excellent movies. And no, it's not just The Lego Movie 2 (which will definitely happen and will definitely be awesome). Here are our picks. Enjoy!

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