7 Cinco De Mayo Memes That Will Make You Laugh

Do you love tacos, tequila, and celebrating Mexico's victory in the Battle of Puebla? Then you are probably the type who is so excited for May 5 that you will be browsing the web for the best funny Cinco de Mayo memes the internet has to offer. If you are planning on getting hyped for a party, or just want a mid-morning laugh, these memes are sure to do the trick.

We tend to celebrate the fifth of May as if it were America's Independence Day, although as any history buff out there will tell you, Mexico’s Independence Day is actually Sept. 16. Cinco de Mayo is the celebration of Mexico’s unlikely victory over the French army in 1862 — but who has time for those types of details when there are parties to be had, am I right? If you aren't too hungover from the weekend to indulge in a few mezcal-based concoctions on Cinco, then count yourself among the lucky. This is known as a party holiday for a reason.

From the literal to the sublimely figurative, indulge in these chuckle-worthy shareables, and pass the humor along, if you are so inclined. Break out the salsa, ladies and gentes, and prepare yourself for fun with some of the best Cinco de Mayo memes out there.

1. For an irresistible Spanglish pun

2. For the brutally honest

3. For the student

4. For the alternative partygoer

5. For the GoT enthusiast

6. For "The One" who doesn't know why they're celebrating

7. For people who still have to get through finals

Party responsibly, take drink orders for your friends, and remember, guac is always extra.

Images: Heavy; Weknowmemes; DiyLol; Imgflip; Tumblr; Quickmeme (3); Memegenerator (2)