'GoT' Is Close To Confirming *That* Huge Theory

by Jordana Lipsitz

Major spoilers for Game of Thrones' "Home" to follow. I don't care if you are a brain surgeon who is mid-surgery right now, you need to stop immediately and catch up on Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones because we have so much to talk to talk about. Yes, Jon Snow is alive, but we also got some serious progress on that Jon Snow Targaryen theory, a.k.a. R+L=J. Thanks to a number of events in Game Of Thrones' "Home" champions of the Rhaegar Targaryen-plus-Lyanna Stark-equals-Jon theory must have finally felt a sense of relief as this theory seems like it's slowly but surely coming to life — and soon. I have a strong feeling GoT will confirm the R+L=J theory in Episode 3 of Season 6, "Oathbreaker."

But for those fans who have somehow avoided the internet over the course of their entire fandom and have somehow failed to encounter this widely beloved theory, here's a little background on the parentage rumor that won't die: R+L=J is the concept that Jon Snow isn't actually Ned Stark's bastard son, but a Targaryen, born of Rhaegar and Ned's sister Lyanna Stark from the time they had sex in the Tower of Joy. We know they found Lyanna's dying body and that she made Ned promise her something — but only Ned Stark knew what that something was and being dead and headless makes him pretty incapable of sharing what he knows.

There are three big reasons I'm pretty sure we're going to get the low-down on this theory in the upcoming episode. First, the preview for the episode contains a scene with Bran doing his warg time-travel thing again (after we saw baby Lyanna, Ned, and Hodor in "Home") and watching his father and a crew of Northern dudes battling the Kingsguard at the Tower of Joy. Now seems as good of a time as any for Bran to figure out the secret to Jon's parentage and head to The Wall as a means of cluing his presumed brother (but likely cousin) in. Sansa also seems to be headed to the Wall with her posse, so the reunion episode we've all been dreaming for could be about to go down — of course until something goes horribly wrong (and it absolutely will).

Second, as I briefly mentioned, we got to see Lyanna Stark in a Bran warg session in Episode 2, and GoT doesn't traditionally give us backstory or flashbacks without reason (see: Cersei talking to the witch who informs her that all her children will be buried in shrouds of gold before she dies). It stands to reason that since we've seen young Lyanna (and I, personally, have already grown to love her), the episode in which she's is snatched away from us as we watch her die and pass off her baby to Ned is not far off. We aren't allowed to love Starks without watching them die — it's practically a GoT rule.

The final item that makes it seem like Jon Snow will find out where he really came from in the next episode is the simple fact that he was brought back to life at the end of Episode 2. Now that he's alive and kicking, but presumably shouldn't stay at the Watch with all those murderers and thieves (you know, the ones who betrayed him and only decided to be back on Team Jon after one of their own got squashed by a giant) he needs to do something. Meanwhile winter is coming quicker than ever and it would be good to have a Targaryen leading the fight, even a bastard one.

I'm counting down the minutes until "Oathbreaker" and what I think is the inevitable unveiling of R+L=J. Everything else pretty much seems meaningless until that point. Bills? Meh. Eating? Useless. Showers? Unnecessary. Just let me know what's going down with Jon Snow's parents and I'm set for life. Guys, Episode 3 is gonna be lit.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO; Giphy