What If The R+L=J Theory Doesn't Happen On 'GoT'?

If you haven't caught up on the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale yet, then I beg of thee, retreat back to the rock from which you've been living under, for there are dangerous spoilers afoot! Right, moving on. The last season of Game of Thrones featured the murder of Jon Snow in the series' most shocking conclusion yet. Viewers, who have seen Ned Stark be beheaded, watched the Red Wedding unravel, and stomached a child being burned at the stake, were more infuriated by Snow's death than any other event in the show's violent history. It didn't take long before the Internet got to working on a few theories that could prove Snow is still alive or will return in some other form to the show, the strongest Game of Thrones fan theory being R+L=J.

"What's R+L=J?" you ask. Well, my fine readers, it's a theory that postulates that Jon Snow isn't Ned Stark's son but actually his sister Lyanna's. R stands for Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys' deceased brother; L stands for Lyanna, Ned Stark's dead sister; and J is, you guessed it, Jon Snow, ergo Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen whose mother was Lyanna Stark... and it makes him the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Plus, he'll have that whole "birth from fire" thing going for him.

But what if this theory doesn't actually come into fruition on the show? It seems like the writing is on the wall here, but, with Game of Thrones, nothing ever really goes as expected. Here's what could happen in Season 6 if Jon Snow isn't actually a Targaryen.

1. Jon Snow Is Just Plain Old Dead

I hate to even type this, but the beloved knower of nothing could have really bitten the ice cold dust.

2. Bran Rises As A New Hero

Since we haven't seen Bran since Season 4, and we know he's coming back for Season 6, it's pretty major that it happens right at the same time as Jon Snow's murder. There will be a reckoning, and it'll happen via Bran's mystic power.

3. Jon Snow Becomes A White Walker

ICYMI, if you don't burn a body, it becomes a Wight. Hopefully they decide not to do this to Kit Harington's hair.

4. Jon Snow Is Resurrected As Azur Ahai

Look, Melisandre didn't just turn up to The Wall for no reason. She was probably part of the coupe! Melisandre has reason to believe Jon Snow is actually Azur Ahai, a legendary hero who can defeat the Night's King and is prophesied to be resurrected. You know who can bring people back from the dead? Melisandre.

5. The Show Shifts Focus Completely

Season 5 was a Jon Snow/Daenerys/Tyrion-heavy season. Bran fell by the wayside, and a lot was left up in the air for Arya. Season 6 could be the rise of the Stark children... even Sansa. Poor, poor Sansa. Oh, and lest we forget, Cersei's revenge is also on the way.

6. The Lannisters Advance

The loss of Jon Snow is a major blow to the war at hand. With Daenerys also being surrounded by Dothraki, and Cersei's return to her kingdom, the Lannisters could be back in a position of power. However, they might focus their attacks on Dorne after what happened to Myrcella.

7. The White Walkers Just Mess Up Everyone's Plans

So, if Jon Snow is actually dead, then who is going to save Westeros from the White Walkers' impenetrable power? Who cares about King's Landing and Winterfell if these guys are just going to kill, and add to their army BY KILLING.

I really hope this R+L=J thing pans out. Otherwise, we're all screwed.