Bravolebrities Jax & Shep Are Friends Now

Let the record show: Bravo's Below Deck Mediterranean premiere party is my new hero. To gear up for the Below Deck spinoff's debut, the network threw a Bravolebrity-studded soirée last Wednesday. If you are a fan of great reality programs Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm*, you may want to fetch your smelling salts because this next detail might knock you out: As Bravotv.com points out, the gala apparently sparked a friendship between Jax Taylor and Shep Rose. Yes, Jax "Number One Guy" Taylor and Shep "No Bro Code" Rose are now pals. I am so grateful that this twosome came to be.

(*If you aren't a fan of Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm? Ugh, lame. But I'll forgive you eventually.)

I am not the only one who is stoked about this development; Both Taylor and Rose appear to be way fired up about this VanderCharm Rules friendship. Friday, the Pumper tweeted, “.@ShepRose my new buddy.. Had a blast this weekend man so glad we got to hang out. More to come bud.”

More to come bud. Be still my Pumping heart. The Charmer promptly replied, “@mrjaxtaylor @Bravotv yeah man, fun times. I'm struggling today though. Let's run it back in LA one day here soon. Cheers!”

Let’s run it back in L.A. one day here soon. Be still my Charmed, Pumping heart.

I am so obsessed with the blossoming peony that is the Shep and Jax buddyship. The duo just feels right, you know? And if Andy Cohen decided to, oh I don't know, give the dudes their own TV show one day, I would be the opposite of mad. What would this hypothetical show be about? Uh, anything. I would literally watch those two gemstones read the phone book for an hour week after week. (I don’t know what that says about me, but I’m not going to fret over it.)

Here are a few A+ Jax 'n' Shep show ideas that just popped in my head:

  • Shep and Jax read the phone book (I was serious)
  • Shep and Jax play ping-pong
  • Shep and Jax pull pranks on unsuspecting Bravoaholics and/or Bravolebrities
  • Shep and Jax crash weddings
  • Shep and Jax host a reboot of Singled Out
  • Shep and Jax visit theme parks
  • Shep and Jax tour haunted bars
  • Shep and Jax stay in haunted hotels
  • Shep and Jax try to beat different escape rooms
  • Shep and Jax just chat about what they did that week
  • Shep and Jax judge a chunky sweater design competition show
  • Shep and Jax judge a party pants design competition show
  • Shep and Jax judge a chunky sweater and party pants design competition show

I could go on and on, but I have to stop myself now. Otherwise, the spiraling may get the better of me.

Yeah, yeah, a Jax and Shep spinoff may be too lofty a dream, but do you know what is within the realm of possibility? A cameo. If Rose appeared in an episode of Pump Rules and/or Taylor appeared in an episode of Southern Charm, I would send Andy Cohen an Edible Arrangement out of gratitude.