Jon Snow Could Be Our "Lady Stoneheart" On 'GoT'

Today's the day! The sun is shining, and Jon Snow is alive! At least, alive until proven otherwise, because the possibilities for what happens to him (or if that even is truly Jon) next are still endless. For example, could Jon Snow take over Lady Stoneheart's role on Game of Thrones ? Most George R. R. Martin fans have given up hope that we'll ever see Catelyn Stark again on the HBO series, but someone has to go on her revenge spree.

As many of you may know by now, in the books, just after the Red Wedding, Catelyn Stark was resurrected by the Brothers Without Banners. However, since a decent amount of time had passed, she didn't come back quite right. She was found in the river, and looked a bit drowned. The wound to her throat never healed, so she couldn't speak. Lady Stoneheart, as she was then called, was more like a ghost or a zombie than the Cat we all remember. She takes control of the bannerless bros and starts to kill everyone associated with the Freys and the Lannisters to avenge House Stark. It also doesn't help if you're a man, and the Lady doesn't like your face. I know one of the concerns with bringing Jon back so easily is that he won't be the same, he could end up taking on this quest.

There are clues in either direction. Jon's facial scars somewhat resemble Lady Stoneheart. However, I'm not sure if a zombie Jon would prioritize avenging Robb and House Stark over the White Walkers and bureaucracy at Castle Black.

From a storytelling perspective, I have to admit that it would be a little rude to have Jon steal Cat's plot line. The late Lady Stark was not exactly a fan of her husband's bastard son. Though, since it appears that we may be getting confirmation that R+L=J and Ned isn't Jon's father after all, I'll allow it.

This would definitely not bode well for Brienne and Podrick, who Stoneheart encounters in the books. Brienne narrowly escapes with her life (remember, she is technically a Jaime Lannister supporter and is wielding half of Ned Stark's former blade) and Podrick is not so lucky. Another theory is that Sansa will take up this cause — but hopefully not because she has died first. All that said, the fact that, in the show, Theon was unwilling to face Jon, after the many ways he has betrayed House Stark, could be foreshadowing the vengeful Jon Snow to come.

Images: Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO