Your Favorite Comedy Queens Are Joining Forces

It's rare that you get to see five perfect women in one place, but Sony's upcoming release, Rock That Body, might just manage to make that a reality. The upcoming flick already has Scarlett Johansson and Zoe Kravitz signed up for a Miami bachelorette party that goes wildly out of control, and that's a good start, to say the least. But now the comedy is bringing out the big guns: Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, and Ilana Glazer are all starring in the same movie. This is not a drill, and it could mean great things for those of us who have been anticipating a big female-led comedy outpouring since Bridesmaids debuted back in 2011. We're seeing the melding of three funny women who are at the top of their game.

Only five years ago it felt like McKinnon and Glazer were basically web exclusives. McKinnon was carrying roles on web series like Vag Magazine while Glazer existed on YouTube in early two minute long variations of Broad City. Now McKinnon is leading sketches on Saturday Night Live and making up a quarter of the new female Ghostbusters. And Glazer? She's going on time-traveling bong adventures and having more New York adventures with gal pal Abbi Jacobson on the fully formed Broad City. Never mind that Glazer's Comedy Central peer Bell has been killing it for years on Workaholics, and she's now fronting Idiot-Sitter on the side.

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So with this joyous union we see the culmination of three years-in-the-making careers, and mixing the three ladies together could prove to make some high-level hilarity. If this is to be the bachelorette party comedy to end all bachelorette party comedies (uh, not that there's a big market for things like that) then you can only imagine that the ladies will be thrust into some next-level hijinks. And not only can the group effort be effective comedically, it can also be (in the right hands) kind of feminist.

For one thing, the ladies could bring on different elements of their TV personalities. Bell could bring on the awkward, strange, and yet still imbibed with rage persona of Jillian Belk. Glazer could chill out everyone with the crazed, carefree stoner vibe of her Broad City alter ego, Ilana Wexler. And McKinnon could be pretty much any number of insane characters. The point is, we could get the perspectives of a whole bunch of different women, and that could be refreshing.

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Also, we could have these women bond while they're undergoing their said next-level hijinks. We could have this film focus more on female friendship. Again, this could pave the way for a more Bridesmaid-esque film, which is important when you consider most female-fronted comedies like Jawbreaker, Heathers, Clueless or Mean Girls focus on acquiring popularity and uniformity. Those also focus on high school, but that's not the point.

The point is, we're excited to see these ladies join forces, and hope that they'll be using their comedic powers for good instead of evil. All together now: yaaaas kweens!