Female-Centric Comedies For 'Inside Amy Schumer' Fans Who Need To See Even More Funny Women

It's been a long time coming, but Amy Schumer is finally reaching the upper echelons of the A-list. Her sketch series Inside Amy Schumer is the best it's ever been, she has starred in a critically and commercially beloved Judd Apatow movie that she wrote, and she has won the "Trailblazer Award" at the Glamour's 13th Annual Women of the Year ceremony. Finally, the world has become properly obsessed with the uber talented comic, and I couldn't be happier about it. Having said that, if you find yourself loving the lady-centric comedy on her show, don't stop there! There are so many funny women in the world, and they have their own shows, too. In fact, if you love Inside Amy Schumer, you'll love these shows by other equally funny women.

Don't get me wrong — if you love Inside Amy Schumer, you keep on watching, and shout about it from the rooftops. Once you're off your roof and back in your house, however, take a gander at some of the shows on this list. Do you love Inside Amy Schumer for its frank and realistic discussion of sex? Try Broad City on for size. Or maybe you like the show's ability to make humor out of very real feminist subjects? Then Jen Kirkman is the woman for you!.

Here are seven shows and stand-up specials you should check out immediately if you're as obsessed with Inside Amy Schumer as I am.

The Sarah Silverman Program (2007 — 2010)

I started re-watching this recently after not having seen it in five years. When it first aired in 2001, I liked it for the raunchy humor and absurd scenarios; watching it now, I see that it's a lot more political than I realized the first time around. Sarah Silverman was making jokes about gender, sexuality, feminism, and women's rights far before it was the "in" thing. She just also made a lot of fart jokes along the way.

Strangers With Candy (1999 — 2000)

Oh, Amy Sedaris, your tenure as pill-popping, sex-crazed Jerri Blank on this cult classic will live on in my heart forever; more importantly, however, it literally lives on on Hulu, where you can watch the whole series, so you have no excuse not to check it out.

Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats (2014)

Netflix on YouTube

The title may be tongue-in-cheek, but, by the end of Chelsea Peretti's hour long stand-up special, you'll agree that she actually is "one of the greats."

Garfunkel and Oates (2014)

advocatus diaboli on YouTube

I still can't believe this delightful little show ever got cancelled. Broad City meets Flight of the Concords, Garfunkel and Oates only got one season, but it's such a good one. Maybe one day some other network (Yahoo? Hulu?) will hear my cries and pick it back up. Until then, you can see Garfunkel aka Riki Lindhome on Comedy Central's Another Period.

Broad City (2014 — present)

Comedy Central on YouTube

I'm late to the Broad City game, but, now that I'm here, I am ready to play. It's like Girls, if the "girls" smoked a ton of weed all the time. How did I not love this show until last week?

Women Who Kill (2013)

Amy Schu on YouTube

This stand up special features Amy Schumer and three of her closest comedy comrades. Nikki Glaser, Marina Franklin, and Rachel Feinstein turn in stellar sets (and, soon, I'll be able to add Nikki Glaser's new sketch show to this list of must-watch programs).

Jen Kirkman: I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) (2015)

Netflix on YouTube

Jen Kirkman's cynical wit and biting intelligence have officially wormed their way into my heart, and I want to laugh with her forever. An effective mix of Janeane Garofalo's sardonicism, Chelsea Handler's drinking problem, and Louis C.K.'s existential angst, her recent Netflix special is a brilliant dissection of marriage, tradition, and relationships.

Inside Amy Schumer fans, do yourself a favor and check out one (or all) of these amazing programs. After all, Schumer would approve.