'The Fosters' Recap: Happy Birthday, Jude!

During an emotional episode of ABC Family's The Fosters last week, Callie broke it off with Brandon and decided that she wanted to come home. Yay, Callie! But coming home isn't as easy as she thought it would be, and she really struggled with that on Monday night's episode. Also on Monday night — Stef confessed to lying about being unconscious after getting shot, Mariana gave a guy her panties, and we felt sad (but happy at the same time) about Jude's birthday.

After a heartwarming final meeting at the group home with Rosie O'Donnell, Callie made her big move back to the Fosters house. And everyone was super weird about it. First, Brandon throws in her face that he decided to move out but didn't tell her because he didn't want her to change her mind about getting adopted. (GOD, YOU SUCK, BRANDON.) Jude was also kind of odd about the whole deal — probably because he didn't want to get too attached if she decided to run off again — but he obviously doesn't have to worry because Callie is here to stay. Yay! But Stef and Lena are still making her earn back their trust by giving her a cell phone that will double as a tracking device from now on. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do, but at least Callie doesn't seem to mind.

Mariana's suspension is over so she and Callie return to school together. Mariana hates her friend for getting her in trouble, and Callie basically has no friends. But then Chase invites Mariana to the cast party for the play they were in together so she's over the moon about it. And while all of this is going on, Brandon is skipping school and sulking because people think that Callie ran away with Wyatt because she was into him. You are so damn selfish, Brandon — just shut up.

Mariana and Callie go to the cast party where Mariana decides it's a great idea to put her underwear in Chase's pocket. A bold move that she doesn't follow through with, so Chase walks out feeling pissed and lead on. Sorry, dude. Meanwhile, people are whispering behind Callie's back, and Brandon — who's shown up at the party because he's a stalker — thinks it's a great idea to tell his ex that he kissed Callie and she ran away because they have real feelings for each other. SERIOUSLY, BRANDON — SHUT UP. The ex gets pissed, bitches Callie out, and tells her that she hopes she stays in juvie for good next time. (Ouch.) They leave, and Brandon tries to fight with Callie. Mostly because it seems like she's adjusting so well to them giving up on their relationship. Thank god for Mariana walking out just in time to salvage that situation.

On the adult side of things: Stef gets summoned to testify under oath about her involvement in Mike shooting Mariana and Jesus' birth mother's boyfriend. Which really sucks, because she lied in her first statement about the shooting. But she sucks it up and decides to tell the truth, even if it means losing her job. Luckily for her, Brandon met up with Mariana, and Jesus' mom and made her feel pretty crappy about lying to the police about where she was during the shooting — she ends up confessing too and all the charges are dropped. She also takes some money, because she's the worst and that's all she cares about. So Stef and Mike get to keep their jobs — YAY!

So everyone had a lot of drama going on, but Callie, being the great and recently returned sister, had been planning a great birthday for Jude all along. In one of the saddest Jude moments in awhile, he revealed that he doesn't know his real birthday — he was born at home and by the time his mom went to get a birth certificate, she'd forgotten exactly when. So Jude has never had a real birthday. I know, you're sad. Throughout the episode Callie left little gifts with tags with random words written on them attached — the words, when put in order, spelled out the last sentence in Hansel and Gretel, the book their mom used to read them as kids. Which was just really cute and thoughtful and it was even cuter watching Jude try to figure out the clues.

Finally, on his "secret birthday," she surprised him with the actual book and the rest of the family surprise him with a gigantic stack of pancakes that dreams are made of and balloons. And, in another cute moment, Callie told Jude that he'd never have to have a secret birthday again because they had a family now. Awwww.

So — Callie put Brandon in his place, Stef is off the hook for lying, and Jude's finally starting to feel at home — all's well that ended well on The Fosters this week. Except, where the hell was Jesus? There's no way he was "at practice" the entire time.

Image: ABC Family