Why Do the Oscars Always Snub Leonardo DiCaprio? 5 Theories Behind the Academy's Grudge

This year, Leonardo DiCaprio received his fourth Oscar nomination. But, this year, Leonardo DiCaprio might suffer his fourth loss. And that's considering the actor has boasted no less than a dozen Oscar-worthy performances throughout his career, most of which were not even recognized by the Academy Awards.

And the Internet, in case you haven't heard, is pretty upset by the Academy's decision to snub him year after year. He's the greatest actor ever, says the Internet. He deserves a hundred Oscars, the Internet cries. So why hasn't the Academy ever given into the peer pressure (strike that: Internet pressure)? The truth is, we might never know, but that won't stop some Internet-worthy speculation. Here are 5 theories that might just explain the Academy's continual snubbing of our beloved Jack… erm, Leo.

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by Kayleigh Roberts

They're Pissed He Ditched the '98 Show

In 1998, Leo’s breakthrough movie, Titanic, was up for a record 14 awards at the Oscars – but Leo wasn’t among the nominees. Yep, even though the movie was nominated for practically every award on the books, DiCaprio was snubbed without so much as a nomination. The actor skipped the ceremony, officially so as not to take away from the people who were nominated, but it’s hard not to wonder if there was some bad blood keeping him away. Did the Academy just never get over Leo’s snub response to its initial snub?

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Two Words: 'Growing Pains'

DiCaprio might be a giant, mega, superstar now, but he did get his start on the delightfully cheesy family sitcom Growing Pains. In some corners of the Internet, it is speculated that the Academy doesn’t want to reward a former child star from (snooty sneer) television. Of course, this theory would be a lot more credible if two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank hadn’t also made an appearance on Growing Pains.

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He's Trying Too Hard

Some people feel that, while Leo is a talented actor, he’s gotten a little too obsessed with his lack of friends named Oscar. In recent years, some of Leo’s detractors have suggested that he takes on roles that are too Oscar bait-y. His turn in J. Edgar would be a prime example.

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His Friends

Leo is noted as a frequent collaborator with famed director Martin Scorsese. Marty has been nominated for Best Director eight times, but has only won once (for The Departed). He was nominated six times before he won, 26 years after his first nomination. It’s been 20 years since Leo’s first nomination. Maybe the Academy is just giving him the same treatment as his famous friend.

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His Movies Are TOO Good

Perhaps, however, DiCaprio’s problem stems from his excellent taste in scripts. This theory holds that Leo is shown up by the overall glory of his films (The Departed, The Aviator, and so many more) and would have better luck winning an Oscar in a “bad” movie, in which his talent would be the one and only showcase. Could it be that, like the gorgeous head cheerleader who never gets asked to prom because every guy is too intimidated to ask, Leo is suffering from the aura of success he’s created?

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