Why Do the Oscars Always Snub Leonardo DiCaprio? 5 Theories Behind the Academy's Grudge

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This year, Leonardo DiCaprio received his fourth Oscar nomination. But, this year, Leonardo DiCaprio might suffer his fourth loss. And that's considering the actor has boasted no less than a dozen Oscar-worthy performances throughout his career, most of which were not even recognized by the Academy Awards.

And the Internet, in case you haven't heard, is pretty upset by the Academy's decision to snub him year after year. He's the greatest actor ever, says the Internet. He deserves a hundred Oscars, the Internet cries. So why hasn't the Academy ever given into the peer pressure (strike that: Internet pressure)? The truth is, we might never know, but that won't stop some Internet-worthy speculation. Here are 5 theories that might just explain the Academy's continual snubbing of our beloved Jack… erm, Leo.

Image: Tumblr

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