How To Make An Avocado Rose & Up Your Insta Game

If you're hungry for a new way to incorporate some deliciously healthy fats into your daily diet, I have just the thing for you. This relatively simple technique has been sweeping the online blogosphere and now you too can learn how to make avocado roses. No, they are not actual roses. They are just adorable looking flowers made out of the greatest fruit known to man. All that you will need is a ripe avocado and some precision cutting. The rest is history.

This picture perfect creation is taking over the Instagram community — and with good reason. For people like me who enjoy looking at food more than anything else, avocado roses are a prime example of decoration and edibility. You can spice any dish up with a simple trick that makes you look like you worked hard all morning just to make some toast. No one needs to know the truth! All people need to know is that you served them a delicious and appetizing dish. Plus, this is a perfect way to spice up your Insta-game as well! Sure, posting pictures of food from restaurants is great, but posting pictures of food you made is way better!

From what I can tell, avocado roses can go on a lot of different types of dishes. They can be the star of the meal or the garnish. I've seen them on toast, in rice bowls and served next to a sunny side up egg. Your options are only limited to your imagination. So how do you make avocado roses? Well, below is a step by step video guide!

1. The Right Avocado

You want to get the type of avocado that won't be mushed up into a paste as you try to manipulate it. While those are delicious of toast, for the purpose of a rose you'll need it to be on the firmer side.

2. Peel And Slice

Slice your avocado into thin pieces, as those will be much easier to manipulate than thicker pieces.

3. Spread and curl

Spread the pieces out into a single line and curve the ends in. Use both hands to guide the pieces into a spiral shape. It will resemble a rose in no time! Make sure that you spread the cut pieces into a line are spaced far apart. When you spread the pieces close to one another, they will not spiral too well.

4. If You Need Inspo

If you need inspiration on what to do with your roses, then look no further. The lovely people of Instagram will be able to show you just how to plate and consume the delicious creations.

The original way to serve it (does not come with the dope counter top!).

Placing a few sesame seeds on top will give it some texture. Or wholegrain toast with a pinch of garlic sounds heavenly! Let us not forget the addition of tomatoes in the mix.

One of my favorites! It's the amazing range of color that really gets my mouth watering.

For those of you who are more adventurous, tomato basil spreads are also a real thing! Try it out for yourself and see how much happier your life is!

Images: YouTube; Courtesy of Instagrams