The 'Housewives' Kids Who Caused The Most Drama

Sometimes it's not the ladies who bring the drama on Real Housewives shows. Sometimes, it's actually their kids who are causing the controversy. Not all of the Real Kids are super involved in the reality franchise, but when they are it is always television gold, especially when they are a little bit older. Sometimes I wish that there was a Real Kids series franchise just so there could be more of a focus on their lives and issues. I know who I would cast for it too. There are just some Real Housewives kids who have caused a ton of drama and I love them for it.

There is a lot that has gone down with the Real Kids over the past few years. There have been plenty of embarrassing fights with mom in front of the cameras. There have been secret marriages that threw their parents for a loop. There are some kids who have repeated some things that they heard their parents say in private at the wrong time. There have been DUIs and brushes with the law that mom had to deal with. There has even been some public weave pulling.

So, what kids have caused the most drama on Real Housewives?

Shane Keough

Shane Keough was the original dramatic kid in the Real Housewives franchise on Real Housewives of Orange County. He pretty much never listened to his mom, Jeana. He was an aspiring athlete with a major attitude problem. I'll never forget the time he yelled at Jeana and Vicki Gunvalson when they traveled out of state to watch him play baseball. Hopefully, he's grown up a lot since then.

Bella Hadid

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Bella has barely been on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she definitely left her mark with some drama. Bella was arrested on suspicion of a DUI when she was just 17 years old, and poor Yolanda found out about the trouble while she was on a yacht vacation with Kyle Richards. According to E! Online, as a result Bella's license was suspended for a year and she got six months probation. Thankfully, Bella is too busy being a famous model to get into trouble these days.

Briana Culberson

Briana is actually a very good kid, and she is an honorary RHOC cast member at this point because she has been involved in some pretty big story lines. Briana eloped with her husband, who her mom, Vicki, didn't even know, and it really upset her. Briana also notoriously hated Vicki's ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers from the very beginning and was super vocal when it came to sharing her opinions.

Milania Giudice

Teresa Giudice's daughter Milania is super cute and really adds some much-needed comedy to Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sure, she seems like she's a handful for her mom, but most kids are. Nevertheless, she has thrown a ton of shade at her aunt Melissa Gorga, which makes me think that she was repeating what she heard her parents say. I'm sure this didn't sit well with her aunt or her uncle Joe Gorga, but how can anyone actually be mad at Milania? She is too adorable.

Raquel & Alexa Curtin

Lynne Curtin's kids are the real reason I want her back on RHOC. They were just so wild and I loved watching it. They were always fighting with their parents, refusing to be disciplined, and just generally up to no good. They really made the show amazing.

Ashlee Holmes

First off, RHONJ's Ashley Holmes changed the spelling of her name to "Ashlee Holmes." If that's not dramatic, then I don't know what is. Aside from that, she was pretty much always giving her mom, Jacqueline Laurita, a poor attitude about everything from bad grades to a lack of a job to wanting a car. She also made her mark in Real Housewives history when she yanked Danielle Staub's weave at the country club and sent her some infamous Facebook messages. Thankfully, Ashlee seems to be in a very good place these days as an engaged woman with a baby on the way.

Ryan Vieth

When Tamra Judge first joined RHOC, her son Ryan Vieth had a pretty tempestuous relationship with her husband Simon Barney. The two of them really got into a lot. Later, Ryan told Tamra that he was engaged to someone he met on Instagram, and then they had a baby together, which really took Tamra aback, to say the least.

Do you see what I'm saying now? There really does need to be some sort of Real Kids spinoff series. It would be perfect: a cast full of people we already "know" with a ton of drama.

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