Lorde Had Met Gala Attendees Sign Her Cast

I have never broken a bone, but I'm not going to lie, I really wanted to. It was my dream throughout elementary school to be able to parade a bright pink cast around the halls, for one very important reason: to have all my friends and classmates sign it. It was an odd dream, I know, but now it's coming back to me again because Lorde wore a cast to the Met Gala and had fellow celebrities sign it. See? It's a wish that never leaves us.

Of course, getting your classmates to sign your cast and a celebrity getting a slew of other celebrities to autograph hers are two entirely different things. For one, your classmate-signed cast is worth a whole lot of nothing. Plus, that cast smells like a damn dumpster once it's cracked open. But sweaty or not, that celebrity worn-and-signed one could be worth major moola. Once Lorde's done with it, she could put that baby up on eBay and retire at the ripe age of 19. (Not that she couldn't already do that if she wanted.)

While getting a bunch of celebs' autographs on a singular object isn't exactly groundbreaking, the particular cast of characters on Lorde's arm are unique. I mean, the singer even has a picture of Florence Welch in the act of signing. How cool is that?

But there's something even more intriguing about this cast, which you can check out for yourself below:

So, do you see what I'm getting at? Oh wait, you don't? It's hard to miss. Take a closer look. Closer, closer, turn your screen if you have to... You see it now? That's right, guys. Lorde's cast not only features what appears to be BFF Taylor Swift's signature, but Kanye West's John Hancock, as well. After all the drama that has ensued between the two this year, the fact that both of their autographs are on the same object is an anomaly.

Naturally, the first thing I thought of when I saw the pair of signatures was, "What does it mean?!" Are T. Swift and Yeezus on OK terms now? Were they hanging out when the signing went on? Or is Lorde simply the celebrity Switzerland and she managed to get the autographs when both Swift and West were on opposite sides of the Met? I don't know for sure, but Lorde's cast might be the most head scratching moment of the night — next to Rita Ora and Queen Bey's selfie.

Seriously though, Lorde, put that thing on eBay. A (probably unneeded) fortune awaits you.