Drake's "One Dance" Could Be About Rihanna

by Nicole Pomarico

One of the greatest debates of our time surrounds the mysterious relationship between Drake and Rihanna. Are they dating? Have they ever dated? Will they date? And more importantly, are any of their songs about each other? When Drake released his latest album, Views From The 6, on April 29, I was hoping one of the songs would hold lyrics with the answers to all of my questions, but unfortunately, the situation seems just as ambiguous as ever. But out of the entire track list, there's one song in particular that has fans guessing. Is Drake's "One Dance" about Rihanna? It seems like nothing short of a formal investigation will solve that mystery.

However, we can do what we can with the tiny evidence we do have. In the song — which just so happens to also be his latest single — Drake's singing about his relationship with a girl, but doesn't drop many specific details that could point to any one person. But here's where it gets interesting: In Wizkid's rap, he does mention that the girl in the song is someone who has loved him for a long time:

Got a pretty girl and she love me long timeWine it, wine it, very long timeOh yeah, very long time

Assuming Wizkid is singing about Drake and the girl he's singing about, this could be a clue. Since Drake and Rihanna go way back, that could definitely apply to her. But if you're looking for a clear cut sign in Drake's words that say this song is about Rihanna, you're not going to find it in the lyrics.

The sound of the song has a tropical feel, though, and that could be a possible reference to Rihanna, who's from Barbados and whose songs have a similar vibe. Another clue: The first time Drake performed "One Dance" was during an unexpected appearance at a Rihanna concert in Toronto in April. Of all the songs on Views, this is the one he chose. Hmm. Suspicious! And add in the fact that they're longtime friends and collaborators and it's not crazy to think that this one could actually be about her.

The only thing that doesn't have me 100 percent convinced? Their relationship is so shrouded in mystery that virtually any of Drake's songs could potentially be dedicated to Rihanna. There's nothing about "One Dance" that sets it apart as a totally Rihanna song, but if you're hoping it holds the key to proving that they're together, don't get too disappointed. There's also nothing about the song that says it's not about Rihanna, after all. And with the kind of relationship they have, it'd be surprising if there weren't a song or two on his new album written with Rihanna in mind.

And in my mind (and heart), Drake and Rihanna are real and their love story lives on forever. And that's what really matters, right?

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