Drake Could Be Singing To Someone In "one Dance"

by Amy Mackelden

The wait for Drake's new album, Views From The 6, is nearly over, and it won't be long before we can hear the record in its entirety. To get fans even more excited about the album's imminent release, Drake dropped two songs on Tuesday, "One Dance" and "Pop Style." While "Pop Style" features The Throne, which is, of course, Kanye West and Jay Z, who else?, "One Dance" is a collaboration with Kyla and Wizkid. But who is "One Dance" about? Is this yet another love song from Views From The 6?

Hopefully Drake's new album will be released sooner rather than later, so that we can all stop speculating about what it will sound like. As Capital Xtra said, "The new song... hears Drake rap over a sample of classic UK funky house track 'Do U Mind' by Crazy Cousinz and features Kyla and Wiz Kid." The tracks we've heard so far which are likely to appear on Views From The 6 feature a long list of impressive collaborators, as well as some surprising musical references. But is "One Dance" about someone in particular? It certainly sounds like a love song, akin to Drake track "Controlla" which was previously leaked. Let's examine the lyrics.

Throughout "One Dance," Drake appears to be talking to one specific person, and his connection to them. For instance, in the first verse, he wants to make it back safe from a trip, and even prays for that to happen. He's also thinking about them all the time, and is clearly committed, as they're always on his mind. So could "One Dance" be about a love interest of Drake's? Or is the song a more general look at relationships?

In the chorus, Drake sings about wanting to have one last dance with this person. Saving the last dance is a very romantic, and old school notion, which makes it sound like the relationship is serious. There's also some magic at work, with "powers taking hold" as the pair dance, which almost sounds like a reference to Drake's famous dance moves. But could it also be a romantic gesture on his part? And all of this happens while drinking Hennessy? Drake has great taste.

While some of the lyrics in "One Dance" are a little vague, it definitely seems as though a relationship is being hinted at. Wanting to know where the other person is at, what they want, and where they're going, are all important considerations. When Drake sings, "Cause if you're down, I'll take it slow," it sounds like a promise. If the other person agrees and is on board, then he is ready to commit, and to take the relationship in the direction that they want. So could "One Dance" be about Drake's rumored love interest Rihanna?

Having collaborated on several songs, most recently "Work", Drake has had plenty of chances to dance alongside Rihanna. The pair clearly have chemistry, and it's certainly possible that "One Dance" is Drake's way of addressing their connection, and discussing the possibility of taking it forward. However, the song could just as easily be about another potential girlfriend of Drake's. We'll just have to wait until we've heard Views From The 6 in its entirety, to see if there are any further clues about Drake's love life.

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