This Llama Will Seriously Brighten Your Day

I can't be the only one who dreads checking in on the state of the world each morning. I also cannot be the only who thinks llamas are delightfully strange creatures. Thus, the discovery of rising Instagram star Llama With No Drama was a definite bright spot in my week. And now it can a bright spot in yours, too. You're welcome.

Honestly, @llamawithnodrama has everything you need for a therapeutic IG account — you know, those users whose handles you memorize and scour when you can't read another article about Donald Trump's campaign or people who deny that the wage gap exists. You know what I'm talking about. Yours probably involves some sort of animal — as does mine! Smiley li'l llama? Check. Beautiful views? Check. Adventure inspiration? Check.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the depressing media landscape was the main inspiration behind Llama With No Drama. "Everyday we're being exposed to all types of sad news," says Eylul Savas, creator and caretaker of the drama-free llama, in an email to Bustle. "The world is not such a happy place any more. But we can't give up and do need a reason to live and smile everyday. So that's how everything has started... I'm trying to put smiles on faces of anyone of any age. Even if it's just online, we all need drama-free moments in our daily lives."

Savas, an Istanbul-born marketing professional and travel blogger, has been to 17 different countries and over 200 cities. She began @llamawithnodrama just over a month ago, and her li'l llama baby has already been to Miami, New York City, Palm Beach, Disney World and Medillin, Colombia. Which is more traveling than I've done literally in years. So there's that.

But Llama With No Drama is here for more than just some subway perusing/daydreaming. "I'm trying to make people happy, encourage them to get out of their comfort zone, travel and explore the world," says Savas. "It's the best way to feed someone's soul." Ain't that the truth.

Ultimately, Savas and her llama hope to gain enough of a following to do something on a larger scale. According to the drama-free Llama, "My mom and I want to turn this into a social responsible movement [where I'll give back]. This is all I can say for now. The rest is a surprise!"

Oh, sweet Llama With No Drama, I cannot wait. In the meantime, I will continue to live vicariously through you, you little globetrotter. Travel on, dude. Travel on. Check out more at the Llama With No Drama's Instagram page.

Images: Courtesy of Llama With No Drama/Instagram (5)