Morgan Stewart’s Net Worth Is Out Of This World

When it comes to E! Entertainment’s reality series Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, the name says it all. The show follows a group of rich kids (but they are actually adults) who were raised in wealthy Beverly Hills families. But, how rich are these kids (who are technically, grown-ups)? What is Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart’s net worth?

According to Wetpaint, Morgan Stewart is worth reportedly $5 million. And, that makes her the second richest of her Rich Kids co-stars, second only to her best friend and co-star Dorothy Wang, who’s wealth is estimated at $10 million, according to the same site. But how did Morgan Stewart’s family get so wealthy? Bustle's Caitlin Flynn previously reported that her father Herb Stewart is a successful architect and is responsible for the family’s wealth. Flynn wrote, "He's the owner and president of H Construct, Inc., which specializes in high-end retail and historical restoration. His projects include luxury stores throughout Beverly Hills, the most notable of which are along Rodeo Drive.”

As a result, Morgan is a socialite and reality TV star who lives a life of luxury. She has spoken openly about flunking out of college in New York and she told E! it was her “$150,000 vacation,” because she did not return with a degree. So, where is her money coming from? Here are all of the factors contributing to Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart’s opulent lifestyle.

1. She's A Reality Star

She gets paid for the show, plus there are major perks to being reality TV famous.

2. She Is Also A Producer Of The Reality Series

She and Dorothy Wang are also apparently producers on Rich Kids.

3. She Just Launched An Active Wear Line

So cute!

4. Boobs & Loubs

Morgan has a lifestyle blog name for her favorite things, her own boobs and Christian Louboutin shoes.

5. A Reality TV Wedding

Morgan is marrying her Rich Kids co-star Brendan Fitzpatrick, though, according to the aforementioned Wetpaint article, Morgan will be the household breadwinner as Brendan's net worth is less than hers at just $500,000.

6. Her Parents

Let's be honest, Morgan's wealth comes from her family's money. In that aforementioned E! interview, she openly admitted, "I don't have any of my own money ... I happen to be a little bit of a late bloomer and I'm trying to do something a little bit more creative. I could go to med school but that's not the path I chose. That's not where my gifts lie."

And, if it works for her, then that's great.