What Happens in the Fantasy Suite?

Next week, The Bachelor gets two episodes because one boring Bachelor episode a week is not enough. But the only reason I'm interested in watching next week is for Andi's reaction to the fantasy suite. In the Bachelor promo for next week's episode she says, "Waking up this morning I could not wait to get out of the fantasy suite" and then it cuts to her in tears and has Chris Harrison's voiceover saying this is the episode that will shock America. Why? What happened? Fantasy suite dates have always been bogged with controversy: do they have sex? Don't they? Does Harrison watch? While we have to wait until next week to find out for sure what happened to Andi, we can start our speculations now:

1. She finds out Juan Pablo's abs are painted on. She's naturally upset about that because that's basically all he has going for him anymore.

2. He brought Camila with them. Ugh, no sexy time for Andi. "What?" Juan Pablo would innocently ask after getting the threesome set up with crayons and coloring books. After all, according to Chris Harrison JP said that "Back in Venezuela, it’s not a big deal at all to meet someone’s family early on... in fact it would be odd not to."

3. JP said something offensive about gay people. He'd be all like, "See, we don't film what happens in the fantasy suite but I bet a pervert gay Bachelor would." And Andi would respond like a decent human being and be like, "um, no."

4. He said something rude about her father. From the previews, it seems that her hometown meeting doesn't go so well, with her father being less than happy to endorse their relationship when Juan Pablo is stepping out with so many other girls. Maybe JP was like, "Your dad is lame, don't listen to him, we don't need to be connected in any other way than by our mouths; now kiss me some more."

5. She told him she loves him and he didn't respond, even though there were no cameras around. Sure, I get that Juan Pablo can't give away the surprise on record, but since they were in a camera-free zone, I'd be pretty pissed if the guy I loved wouldn't just tell me back. It would definitely make me doubt the relationship.

6. Juan Pablo invites one of the other girls into the fantasy suite with Andi because more mouths = more kissing time.

7. He just couldn't get it up. A similar thing happened to Ed during Jillian's season.

8. JP actually locked her inside in a weird Silence of the Lambs-type situation and when Andi said she couldn't wait to get out she literally meant she couldn't wait to escape.

Who knows if it'll be as dramatic as the show promises, (it hardly ever is) but we'll just have to wait until next week to find out. And if Andi's drama isn't enough for you, don't worry, Renee and Clare also break down in tears.

Image: ABC; toddstv