Jen Riservato From 'Below Deck Mediterranean' Is No Stranger To Reality Television

Bravo's latest reality series spinoff is taking us to some faraway lands. Tuesday night marks the premiere of Below Deck Mediterranean, which follows a luxury yacht traveling around Greece with a whole new cast of characters running the show. I usually love watching the impressively wealthy clientele that charter the yacht on Below Deck, but this show's cast looks like it may overshadow even the customers' absurdity. One such character on Below Deck Mediterranean is Jen Riservato, who is no stranger to the yachting life or reality TV.

Jen is a mix of all things awesome and seems like she will be really fun to watch. According to her Bravo profile, she is not someone to be messed with, which means we can most likely look forward to some confrontations during the season with so many people crammed in close quarters. One look at her social media and it's obvious that she is plenty sweet but also plenty sassy. Her Bravo profile paints her as a lover of adventure and impulsive by nature, which is everything that we could ever ask for in our reality stars.

Here are a few more tidbits about Jen to get your excited for this season of Below Deck Mediterranean.

She's Funny

Jen's Twitter is pretty hilarious. She seems like someone who would constantly entertain you, which is definitely important for a reality TV star.

But You Shouldn't Don't Mess With Her

A few haters have inevitably popped up on her Twitter and Jen doesn't take it lying down. She is letting people know that negative comments won't be ignored or tolerated. You go, girl.

She Had Never Been Out Of The U.S. Before This

This season will mark a big event for Jen. She's leaving the good old USA for the first time and it should be pretty entertaining to see her adjust.

She Has An Adorable Dog

Her dog is precious. It's also apparently more jacked than she is. This just showcases her awesome sense of humor even more.

She Has Been On Reality TV Before

Raise your hand if you remember an MTV dating show from 2008 called A Double Shot At Love. Jen was a fierce competitor on the show, but unfortunately was eliminated in the third episode, according to Starcasm.

Luckily, Below Deck Mediterranean isn't a competition series, so we should have all season to get to know Jen even better.

Images: Tommy Garcia/ Bravo; MTV