12 Mother's Day Gift Ideas Under $20, For All The Broke People

If you have an internet connection, you've probably been inundated with gift idea lists for Mother's Day — fancy kitchenware, thematic jewelry, spa treatments — but who has the money for that? Where are the Mother's Day's ideas for under 20 dollars, for all of us broke folks? It's here, my friends, it's right here.

Because really, no mother wants their broke kid to spend the bottom lining of their piggy bank or over-withdraw from their bank account in order get them a gift. The greatest gift a kid can give their mother is financial independence and a growing savings account.

So, don't get your mom something that's fancy — rather, get her something that's got a lot of heart. Something that you can get for under $20, and not have that awkward moment where your mom is like "I wish you bought vitamins with this, I don't need a $200 water pitcher".

This year, get your mother something reasonable, but thoughtful. Something she'll use. Something that won't make her feel guilty. Something that will make her feel loved. Because let's be real, your mom was probably never happier than when you brought her that first janky breakfast in bed when you were a kid — you know, the kind with spilled cereal and cold tea? This is the grown-up version of that. Here are 12 gift ideas for the mother of a broke daughter:

Order A Mini-Pie

Order your mom a custom mini pie to say whatever you like. It won't look like you can't afford a pie for everyone, it will look like you wanted a pie just for her.

4'' Pie, $9 & Up, Taartwork Pies

Homemade Banana Bread

You don't have to be a pastry chef to make banana bread. Follow this super simple recipe and give your mom a treat she can eat all week. Plus, it will make the house smell amazing.

Metal Non-Stick Loaf Pan, $6.99, World Market

Make Breakfast

Get up before your mom and make her breakfast in bed, old school style. Try one of these incredible recipes and watch your mother tear up over eggs.

Walk Your Mom

Check out your local parks directory and find a park nearby. Take your mom out for some fresh air, and go for a nice walk. Take in the nature, catch up, get the endorphins going. No leash required.

Recreation Trails, Parks & Recreation

Frame An Old Picture

Find an old picture of you and your mom and get it framed. You might have to steal it from one of her photo albums, but she won't get mad.

Picture Frame, $4, Michaels

Write A Poem

You don't have to be a poet to write a poem. Think up a dozen things you like about your mother and write them neatly on a piece of paper. Take your time with this — it's free, so fill it with valuable meaning.

Simple Flowers

It doesn't have to be an exquisite bouquet. A simple arrangement will be just fine. Pick fragrant, fresh flowers and don't forget to include a card.

Tulips, $19.99, Pro Flowers


All moms like tea, right? Get your mom a brand new teapot and make her a cup of tea with it. These decorative options from World Market will add a pop of color to the kitchen that won't disappoint.

Cast Iron Teapot, $17.49, World Market

A So-So Bottle Wine

OK, listen, it doesn't have to be the best bottle of wine at the store. Get a light rose, propose popping it for brunch, and it's the thought that counts. No one's ever sad to see a bottle of wine.

Rose, $20, Lorenza Wine

A Silk-Like Scarf

Who says it has to be actual silk? Get your mom a silk-ish scarf, because moms love scarves. They can never have enough. As long as the colors are pretty, mom will be happy.

Saro Women's Floral Gauze Scarf, $19.49, Overstock

A Decorative Planter

Why stop at decorative, get your mom a personalized teacup planter because it's both cute and useful. Pick a seed and plant it together on Mother's Day.

Personalized Teacup Planter, $17, Miles Kimball

A Short Massage

So you can't afford that hour-long spa treatment that you really want to get your mom. But that doesn't mean you can still gift her some R&R. Call up a nail salon or massage parlor near where your mother lives and get her a gift card for a $20 massage, or check out your local Groupon deals — most likely it will be 20 minutes, and that's more than enough bliss for one.

Images: Pixabay, 1, 2, 3, 4, A Beautiful Mess