13 Times 'Veronica Mars' Was Girl Power Itself

by Jordana Lipsitz

Veronica Mars taught us all what we already knew, that quirky, sassy girls were a good thing and something to be emulated. Veronica attacked every day with unadulterated snark that was not to be denied or messed with. In a world where women are all too often taught to apologize and made to believe that they take up too much space, it's nice to a have a champion for girls unabashedly taking up as much space as she damn well pleases. There are many times that Veronica Mars' sass gave fans like me the strength to be the women we would one day be. Thanks V. Mars, you are seriously the best girl around!

We might not all be cool enough to solve mysteries or even savvy enough to use a Canon camera with a zoom lens, but we too can be sass monsters if we so desire. All it takes is a little wit and a desire to take no crap from anyone. And, if you need a little inspiration to stand up for yourself in whatever situation life throws you, look no further. Here are 14 glorious times when Veronica Mars' sass gave us the courage to exercise your own girl power.

1. When She Rescued Wallace

First off, how had no one else done that yet? Poor kid. Second, it took some serious guts to rip down that boy from the flagpole, and even more to then snarkily say, "Go Pirates!" to onlookers. Standing up for what's right when no one else will is not only sassy, but also empowering.

2. When She Sassed Her Principal

Mr. Clemmons wasn't letting the students actually know what was going on and Veronica wouldn't have it, so pretended to be someone else, garnered the information she wanted, and posted it for all to see. When I was in high school, the closest I got to sassing my principal was crying a lot in his office because I thought I was in trouble. If I only I had been more like Veronica...

3. When She Got Locked Up

But didn't let it bother her at all. In fact, she even made it into a whole bit.

4. When She Showed Weevil She Wasn't Shocked

Before we loved Weevil, we were annoyed by his rudeness, and one such instance was when he told Veronica, "Sister, the only time I care what a woman has to say is when she's riding my big old hog. But, even then, it's not so much words — just a bunch of 'oohs' and 'aahs,' you know?" Veronica wasn't about to let him get to her. And at this point in the list, you should really be expecting this.

5. When She Didn't Hold Back

When someone upsets me, I passive aggressively hold it in. Veronica would never, which is why she is forever #goals.

6. When She Was Beyond Confident

How often do you find yourselves lessening your worth as a woman or making jokes at your own expense? I definitely find myself doing so far too often. Veronica Mars, on the other hand, makes jokes about her own awesomeness instead. Get it, girl!

7. When She Did The Cutesie Girl Thing For The Art Of Sass

I love it whenever Veronica puts on her little girl voice and pretends she's an idiot only to turn around and prove that she is in fact the farthest thing from it.

8. When She Didn't Mask Her Intelligence

I still don't know all the state capitals. Thanks, American education system!

9. When She Wasn't Impressed At All

Another moment of role model-dom brought to you by Kristen Bell care of Veronica Mars.

10. When She Didn't Care What She Had To Do To Get Sh*t Done

I gotta say, this particular moment isn't a verbal thing, but it's pretty amazing to see how far Veronica is willing to go to get the truth. She literally fit herself under a sink for the her goals. Baller status.

11. When She Was Real With Herself

It takes a real sass monster to be able to sass themselves.

12. When She Was So Bored

Whatever, pre-romantic-renaissance-Logan Echolls. Veronica doesn't care one little bit about your empty threats.

13. Whenever She Did Something Like This

Classic Veronica.

I'll never stop being thankful that young gals like me had a role model who taught us to not take anyone's crap.

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