Megan Fox Is Returning For CeCe & Schmidt's Wedding On 'New Girl,' Which Could Put A Damper On Nick & Jess

Reagan may have been only a temporary tenant at the New Girl loft, but I've missed her character ever since she left. Will Megan Fox be at Cece and Schmidt's wedding on New Girl ? She and Cece have an established relationship, so it makes sense that she'd get an invite — right? Reagan almost started something with Nick as well, so what would her return mean for Nick and Jess, who seem to be inching back together?

Don't worry, Megan Fox will be in the Season 5 finale, as TVLine has already confirmed, with the photos of Reagan at Cece and Schmidt's wedding to prove it. Not only that, but Coach is back! Yay! This wedding is giving me fictional FOMO already.

I don't see Jess' on again, off again boyfriend Sam in the pictures, which is interesting. Sam's re-introduction on New Girl brought up some feelings in Nick that we haven't seen in a while. Nick and Jess have been broken up for some time, but they clearly still care about each other. What if Sam and Jess break up, and Nick is faced with a choice between Jess and Reagan at the wedding? Things could get real dramatic, real fast.

Maybe not though, if you think about Reagan's personality and expertise. She is excellent at reading people. If there is any spark left between Nick and Jess, you better believe that Reagan is going to spot it. That said, Reagan and Nick's "goosebumps walkaway" was so, so good. They're romantic potential is a very different energy compared to Nick and Jess, so I'm conflicted!

Back in December, that's basically what Fox predicted in an interview with TVLine. “I think [Nick and Jess] are going to hook up, then Reagan is going to come back,” Fox predicts. “And Nick will be like, ‘What do I do?’ I love this one, but I like that one and could love that one. What do I do?‘” No matter what happens, we're clearly going to be feeling all the feelings in the New Girl finale.

Image: Ray Mickshaw/FOX (2)