Twitter Responds To Ted Cruz Dropping Out

Following Indiana's primary on Tuesday, Ted Cruz suspended his presidential campaign, saying that his team had "left it all on the field" in the Hoosier state. And while many supporters present at Cruz's announcement audibly cried "No!" when the Texan Senator waved the white flag, the rest of the country (and the internet) seemed less crestfallen. In fact, some of the Twitter reactions to Ted Cruz's news were downright giddy.

After all, this is the man former Republican House Speaker John Boehner called "Lucifer in the flesh"; who Republican Senator Lindsey Graham suggested could be murdered on the floor of the Senate and no one would speak up in his defense; and whose former college roommate called him "widely loathed," saying that "he would leave a greasy film on everything" he touched.

That roommate, Craig Mazin, was among the first to celebrate Cruz's departure from the race, saying that he looked forward to stepping away from the spotlight that comes with being a presidential candidate's public nemesis.

Some reveled in Cruz's defeat.

Others found the time to get in one last reference to one of the many hilarious Cruz memes of the last few months.

Some just talked about how repellent the man is.

And others focused on what this means for the election.

Buckle up, folks!