Too Faced's Brow Quickie Will Be A Fall Essential

Makeup mavens and Too Faced fanatics can pretty much expect to empty their wallets for the foreseeable future. The brand is right up there with MAC Cosmetics in terms of launching new and innovative products on the regular. Too Faced's Brow Quickie is coming in Fall 2016 and oh, how I love the cheeky, sexy metaphors of the product names. Brand founder Jerrod Blandino took to his personal Instagram to tease this new brow product a few weeks back, showing off two tubes, which read "Brush On Brow Fiber Creme." So we know these babies will be available in different shades and will likely fill out any sparse areas of the brow area without too much time or effort. But Blandino just offered another sneak peek at the Brow Quickie and this tease offered several more pertinent details about this product, which he hashtagged as a "game changer." Here is the one thing you need to know about the Brow Quickie, which should become an essential.

It's longwear! Like 12-hour longwear.

The box packaging proclaims that Brow Quickie will last up to 12 hours. That's pretty much all day. It's also waterproof, which means it won't budge due to sweat, rain, or getting splashed in the face with water for whatever reason, like, you know, going to a water park!

So the waterproof formula is even more evidence that Brow Quickie will stay in place all day.

This is the original tease.

Here is the latest tease, with further detail and information, all gleaned from the packaging. Notice that the box calls it a "brow fiber gel," while it's described as a "creme" on the tube. Vocab aside, we know that Brow Quickie will be a wet-to-dry product with some fibers, not a crayon or a pencil. I also expect it to have a mascara-like spoolie brush for application. But we'll find out for sure when it launches for fall.

Fibers are also interesting. I've used Eyeko's Black Magic Lash Boost on my lashes and I always get comments about how thick my lashes look. So I am curious as to how much fibers factor into this formula. Are there a lot or a few to enhance brows? Again, we'll see.

Too Facers were quick to express their excitement about a long-lasting brow product, as this screen grab of the comments on Blandino's post clearly indicates.

I am a devotee of Glossier's Boy Brow. It's great for shaping, filling in sparse areas, and maintaining an arch. It also stays put all day. I am so game for a Brow Quickie, though! Bring it, Too Faced.

Images: Jerrod Blandino/Instagram (2)