Rebellen Is Back To Rap About Cats

This story contains high levels of Internet irony so go into this with a clear mind and avoid reading if you've had too much coffee. On Tuesday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rebel Wilson and Ellen performed their latest rap song titled "Watching Cats on the Internet." Watching cats on the Internet is a popular activity (I prefer goats myself), so this video was primed for viral video status. On the internet. Watching Ellen and Rebel rap about watching cats on the internet, on the internet. Now you're reading about watching Ellen and Rebel rap about watching cats on the internet, on the internet, on the internet. When does it end?! It ends here, unless someone writes an article about this article. Good luck to anyone who attempts that!

In the video from the show that is now on the internet (whew!), Rebel and Ellen team back up as their rap duo Rebellen. It's a brilliant name, so even if you don't find this funny, you have to understand that that name could not be wasted. Rebellen has previously performed a cover of Salt-n-Pepa's "Shoop." This time, the song was all their own and Rebel and Ellen joked about how their newest album, White Ladies Rapping, was being released that very day. They also listed their other song titles including "Baby Got Back Fat" and "Booty Slap for Africa."

The best thing about this video is the giant photos of Rebel and Ellen in the background posing in ridiculous 80s hairdos and Texas tuxedos. If you're not a cat video fan, this clip is worth watching for those alone.

Image: Warner Bros.