Nobody Loves "Let It Go" More Than Idina

As much as we all love singing Frozen 's breakout hit song "Let it Go," and combing YouTube for "Let It Go" covers, there's only one person who loves it just a smidge more — and that's the woman behind the vocals. The Huffington Post spoke with Idina Menzel about the "Let It Go" phenomenon, and knowing that the powerhouse singer knows how amazing the song is makes us love her even more, if at all possible.

I knew it was a great song. I was proud to be part of it and to be given this beautiful moment in the film, but I had no idea [how big it would become], says Menzel. I was just happy to be involved, honestly. I know how lucky I am to have this. I had it with Wicked and "Defying Gravity," and I feel so grateful.

Swoon. Defying Gravity never gets old, and neither will Let it Go. What struck a personal chord with Menzel, however, was how she brought her own personality to the song, and is so happy that others are sharing the enthusiasm.

For the last month, every morning I wake up and someone has sent me a video of their child dressed as Elsa singing the song — whether it's someone I know or don't know, says Menzel. It's hard for me to take any credit — it's Bobby Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez's writing, and the whole way the song is packaged into the film — but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. I'm excited and proud. I just brought my own experience to the song: being a woman and how women are sort of afraid of our own power sometimes. It's maybe scary to unleash that power. You think you're going to alienate people. Yet most of the time, I've learned in my life now, when I've finally really relinquished that inside me, I think it's really special and so many more doors open up.

What's truly refreshing about Menzel's upcoming performance of "Let It Go" is that she actually loves the song, which will make the performance ten times better. It's often disappointing when you love a song an artist sings specifically for a movie, but you don't really feel like they love it. But Menzel does, and is looking forward to her performance — for more reasons than one.

We have to come up with an arraignment of the song, Menzel says. I'm just working on the song with my teacher, because it's not the kind of song you can wake up and roll out of bed and sing. It's a challenging song and quite acrobatic, so I have to be in my best voice. We'll see! I'm just hoping my soundcheck is back to back with Bono's soundcheck, because I've never met him in my life and it's like a dream for me to meet him.

And likewise, Bono would never turn down a chance to meet Queen Elsa of Arendelle, I'm sure.