The 'Flowers in The Attic' Sequel Casts...

Lifetime's sequel to Flowers in the Attic is set to begin production soon and that begs the question: who will be returning for the film? Tuesday it was announced that Rose McIver, best known for playing Tinkerbell in Once Upon a Time, will be stepping into the lead role of Cathy Dollanganger. The character was previously played by Mad Men's Kiernan Shipka. Why the change up in casting? Petals in the Wind, based on the novel of the same name by V.C. Andrews, takes place 10 years after the first installment, which means that not all the actors will be able to return for the sequel. This is especially true for the young Dollanganger siblings Cathy, Carrie, and Christopher for whom the need for a sudden 10-year age increase is harder to pass off. So with Shipka's role filled, who else is in or out for the Lifetime sequel?


Graham played Corrine, the twisted mother of the Dollangager family, who locks her children in the attic to better find a man to marry. Graham has confirmed that her version of the character will be back for the sequel.


The Bible (and child)-beating grandmother will resurface in the movie's sequel and Burstyn has confirmed she will return for the role, though it will be smaller than her role in the first.


Cathy's love interest/brother does reappear for the second film, but won't be played by Dye. The network has yet to announce their casting decision for the role.


She played the youngest sibling Carrie in the first film, but likely won't be back for the 10-years-older role. It has yet to be confirmed if Carrie's character will be in the sequel at all. Though she is in the book version, there's no telling if Lifetime will stick exactly to the novel's plot. Screenwriter Kayla Alpert has stayed quiet on the exact plot only revealing it's "a very juicy and compelling revenge drama."


He played Bart Winslow, the lawyer love interest for mother Corrine and is expected to return for the sequel where his character is set to play a much bigger role.

Image: Lifetime