'The Challenge: Rivals III' Host T.J. Lavin Has Been Busy

MTV's reality competition series The Challenge has been around in one form or another since 1998 when it originally began as Road Rules: All Stars, then became Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Now, The Challenge pulls cast members from a number of MTV reality shows, including Real World and Are You The One? While some of the competitors stick around to become Challenge veterans, perhaps no one is as much a staple of the reality competition series as its host. So, who's hosting The Challenge: Rivals III ? That would be the one and only T.J. Lavin.

Out of 27 seasons of The Challenge, Lavin has hosted 19 ever since he debuted on Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Gauntlet 2 way back in 2005 — so he's been at this for about 11 years now. As the long-standing host of The Challenge, Lavin has had a chance to form relationships with many of the contestants, like Johnny Bananas, Wes, and Sarah (all of whom will be appearing on Rivals III). Personally, one thing I love about Lavin is that he gets disappointed by players attempting to manipulate the competition (for instance, when a team throws a challenge) rather than tackle it head on. He's the host, coach, and the moral compass of the series!

So, what has Lavin been up to since the last Challenge? Let's check in with our Challenge favorite.

Still Involved With BMX

Before he was on The Challenge, Lavin was primarily known for his BMX skills and he's still involved in the world, according to his Instagram, through his company Torque.

Appeared On A Podcast

According to Twitter, Lavin went on the Pardon My Take podcast earlier this year to talk about — what else? — sports. You can check out the episode on iTunes.

Used A Cryo Chamber

Recently, Lavin visited his daughter's work at TruFusion and used a Cryo Chamber, as seen on his Instagram. You know, just an average day.

Spent Time With Man's Best Friend

Lavin seems to be getting in plenty of quality time with his dogs, based on his Instagram. I bet they make for some great workout partners!


However, those aren't the only dogs Lavin has spent time with since, according to his Instagram, he also dog-sat another pooch. I hope his dogs aren't the jealous types.

Attended NASCAR Races

Not only a fan of BMX, Lavin also checked out a NASCAR race in Las Vegas, as seen on his Instagram.

Became EMS Certified

According to his Instagram, Lavin became certified as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, which has me wondering if he'll put those skills to work on an upcoming season of The Challenge...

So, Lavin seems to have been busy in his time away from The Challenge, but I'm excited to see how he handles the competitors on Rivals III. If the trailer for The Challenge: Rivals III is any indication, it seems Lavin may be getting in on the drama this season and I, for one, can't wait!

Images: MTV (screenshot)