The Cast of 'Rivals III' Should Bring The Drama

by Molly Freeman

MTV's reality competition series, The Challenge, has gone through a number of iterations over the years. First starting off as a friendly rivalry between the casts of Real World and Road Rules, The Challenge has had to adapt to the network's changing lineup — R.I.P. Road Rules, I still miss you. However, the show has come up with new ways to introduce cast members, either through their different themes like Fresh Meat and Battle of the Bloodlines, or by pulling from fellow MTV series Are You The One? So, who's in the cast of The Challenge: Rivals III ? Don't worry, I've got you covered with all the feuds, failed friendships, and former flames.

This season of The Challenge has everything long-time and new fans of the series could possibly want: Loud and opinionated hotheads who are always at the center of some drama throughout the season, veteran players like Wes and Johnny Bananas (the veteran versus rookie dynamic has always been full of exciting manipulations on The Challenge), and plenty of opportunity for the players to form even more rivalries — as well as new alliances. So, let's get into everything you need to know about the cast of The Challenge: Rivals III!

Ashley & Cory

Former castmates of Real World: Explosion, Ashely and Cory butted heads while living together and, according to their official team bio, their poor relationship was exacerbated when he helped vote her out of the house. Off camera, Ashley has been working as a model according to her Twitter, while Cory employed his skills as a fitness coach — which we'll also get to see on The Challenge: Rivals III as the show's official Twitter teased.

Averey & Leroy

Hailing from separate seasons of Real World, their team bio claims Leroy's beef with Averey stems from his loyalty to Johnny (more on him later), who claimed during Battle of the Exes 2 that Averey had cheated on him. Away from MTV's Challenge, Leroy is pretty inactive on social media as evidenced by his Facebook page so I don't have the details on what he's been up to, but Averey seems to be leading her best life and hanging out with her family according to her Twitter.

Briana & Brandon

Although they were supposedly a perfect match on their season of Are You The One?, Briana and Brandon had a tumultuous relationship from the start and will need to overcome their problems on Rivals III, as their bio details. After leaving Are You The One? and possible flame Christina behind, it seems Brandon has found new love based on his Instagram; meanwhile Briana is gearing up to graduate college as she announced on Twitter — congrats to both!

Camila & Tony

According to their bio, these two first clashed on Battle of the Bloodlines and their hotheaded natures kept Camila and Tony from seeing eye to eye, but they'll have to work together on Rivals III if they hope to have any shot at winning. Off camera, Tony recently announced he's expecting a child later this year as MTV reported, and, according to her Instagram, Camila has been traveling, spending time with friends/fellow MTV stars, and working out.

Cheyenne & Devin

Although Cheyenne and Devin clashed on their season of Are You The One? when she called him out for his disrespectful behavior (you go girl), according to their bio, these rookies will be a force to be reckoned with on Rivals III. Away from the cameras, Devin took a Twitter hiatus to film Rivals III, but is back at it and will surely be live-tweeting the season. Meanwhile, Cheyenne has been traveling and checking out New Orleans, detailing her trip on Instagram.

Christina & Nate

The relationship between these former flames crashed and burned on their season of Are You The One?, but Christina and Nate will have to reconcile in order to compete on the same team. Like some of his fellow cast members, Nate has been absent from social media as evidenced by his Facebook page, but Christina recently announced a new addition to her family on Instagram in the form of a kitten named Luka.

Jenna & Vince

According to their bio, the drama between Jenna and Vince kicked off when they appeared on Bloodlines, though this seems to be more of a one-sided dislike than an actual feud. Off camera, according to his Twitter, Vince has been catching up on Game of Thrones (who can blame him?) and Jenna was recently featured in Maxim as she announced on Twitter.

Jessica & Johnny

Former roommates on Real World: Portland, Jessica and Johnny's fights included him fat-shaming her, according to their bio, which seems to be as opposite a start to a healthy partnership as there can possibly be. Away from The Challenge, Johnny has been working on his fitness as seen on his Instagram and, according to her Twitter, Jessica has been busy with culinary courses (in addition to joining a gym).

KellyAnne & Jamie

According to their bio, these two hotheads butted heads during Bloodlines and haven't quite reconciled their at-odds personalities, which may prove to be KellyAnne & Jamie's downfall on Rivals III. In his off time, Jamie participated in a F.I.T. Challenge as he posted on Twitter, and on Instagram KellyAnne announced she adopted an adorable pooch named Trey.

Nany & Wes

Two veterans of The Challenge, Nany and Wes have never been friends, so it seems like they were bound to be partnered for a season of Rivals at some point. In their downtime, Wes spent some quality time with his dog according to his Instagram, while Nany appreciated her home of Chicago on Twitter.

Nicole & Dario

According to their bio, the feud between Nicole and Dario kicked off during Bloodlines when Dario targeted Nicole and her cousin in the competition, leading to plenty of negative feelings between the two. Away from The Challenge, Dario has been working to help launch a nightclub as he posted on Twitter, while, according to her Instagram, Nicole has been spending time with friends and family.

Sarah & Bananas

The former friends turned enemies after Sarah backstabbed Johnny Bananas during Battle of the Exes II and, according to their bio, now the two Challenge vets will need to bury the hatchet if they want to win Rivals III. Both Sarah and Bananas are busy in their spare time, Bananas with his lifestyle brand website and Sarah with her own projects, including the Brain Candy Podcast and its website.

Simone & Thomas

According to their bio, the history of Simone and Thomas on Battle of the Exes II includes the former splashing 14 drinks in the face of the latter (seriously, that is impressive) and that will be a difficult thing to come back from on Rivals III. Off camera, Thomas has been bragging about his puppy on Instagram (which is totally justified), and Simone found time to hang with her own puppy in between her busy schedule, as evidenced by her Instagram.

So, with this cast on board, get ready for plenty more alliances being forged and broken, feuds being started, and plenty of drama on The Challenge: Rivals III.

Images: MTV (13)