'Gravity's "Honest" Trailer Dares You Not to Barf

It's been an Oscar frontrunner since day one, and featuring Hollywood's leading lady Sandra Bullock and leading man George Clooney, it's a film that has boasted huge box office sales and glowing reviews. And now, Gravity is getting an "honest" trailer, from the folks that pointed out that Bilbo Baggins rhymes with Dildo Daggins. This version of Gravity features a hilarious look at all the things that don't quite add up with the Alfonso Cuaron directed film.

"A film, so terrifying, it will convince an entire generation of kids not to be astronauts," the trailer begins, noting that the director spent four and a half years crafting the film, with so much attention to the film's cinematic details, he forgot to hone the dialogue. "You'll be on the edge of your seat, trying to hold in your barf," the narrator says, noting that the film is little more than 90 minutes of "bumping into stuff."

The trailer also makes a comical comparison of Sandra Bullock's character to every character Shia LaBeouf has played — that is, their enthusiasm for saying, "No, no, no, no!" in reaction to each plot point.

Watch the "honest" trailer below, just in time for Sunday, March 2nd's Oscars ceremony.