Don't Miss 2 'Civil War' Post-Credits Scenes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is not known for putting out short movies, and Captain America: Civil War is no exception. In fact, at two and a half hours, Civil War is said to be the longest Marvel movie yet, which is why some audiences need to know: are there two post-credits scenes in Captain America: Civil War ? (In other words: do I have to sit through the entire credits, or can I go to the bathroom yet?) If you have a small bladder, be warned, you might not want to drink too much soda during the movie because yes, there are two Civil War post-credits scenes.

One of these scenes takes place in Wakanda and features Cap, Bucky, and the Black Panther, in a clear lead-in to 2018's Black Panther. The second one is a lighter scene, and shows Spider-Man playing with gadgets that Iron Man has given him, a lead-in to 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. Civil War isn't the first Marvel movie to have two scenes following its conclusion. Ever since The Avengers, many Marvel films have followed the multiple post-credits scene trend. One post-credits scene comes very early on, after the main credits have passed, and the second doesn't appear until the very end, as is tradition. Marvel can arguably be said to have started the entire post-credits scene trend, and these scenes have become essential in many superhero movies, as they almost always inform what fans can expect from the studio's next film.

When there are two post-credits scenes, fans can generally expect one to inform a future movie and another to add a little comic relief. For example, the first Avengers post-credits scene establishes Thanos as a future Avenger villain. The second is just a shot of beaten and tired Avengers eating Shawarma. However, as the MCU has gotten bigger, Marvel's post-credits scenes have grown increasingly crucial to the universe. In other words, if you stay for both post-credits scenes, you'll probably have a better understanding of the next few Marvel movies. Here are a few Marvel post-credits scenes you should see before jumping into Civil War.

Iron Man

The post-credits scene that started it all, this Iron Man clip shows Iron Man/Tony Stark meeting Nick Fury for the very first time. In one short scene Marvel teased their plans for the Avengers, and the world was never the same.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The mid-credits scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron featured the first real action from Thanos as played by Josh Brolin. Where the post-credits scene in The Avengers simply revealed that Thanos had been behind Loki's attack, this post-credits scene directly referred to the Infinity Gauntlet, which will be a crucial part of the final two Avengers films.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier — 1

The first post-credits scene in The Winter Soldier introduced Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. While not crucial to the plot otherwise, it's clear that Scarlet Witch will have a slightly bigger role in Civil War, so it might be good to know where her powers came from (HYDRA) before going into the film.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier — 2

The Winter Soldier himself will play a crucial role in Civil War, mostly as he struggles to remember his past as Bucky Barnes. The final post-credits scene in The Winter Soldier, where he goes to the Cap museum and, presumably, learns about his real past life, gave fans hope that he might just remember more than even he's willing to admit.


The second post-credits scene in Ant-Man foreshadowed Civil War in a major way, showing Cap and the Falcon with the Winter Soldier and briefly mentioning the "Accords." If the trailers for Civil War are any indication, the scene might just be a little snippet of a longer sequence to be featured in Civil War.

As for what the Civil War post-credits scenes might contain, your guess is as good as mine. It's likely that at least one of them will be used to tease one of the upcoming Marvel movies, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man: Homecoming, or maybe even the upcoming Black Panther movie, though that film has yet to begin production. It would be shocking if none of the post-credits scenes hinted at the final Avengers films, though entirely possible. Post-credits scenes also frequently feature players in the MCU that weren't in the films themselves (like Nick Fury appearing in Iron Man), so look out for some fun cameos, too.

Images: Walt Disney Studio; Giphy