The Ellen Card Is The Unity The World Needs

There's been a lot of talk about the "woman's card" lately, and Ellen DeGeneres wants in on the card game. Although the talk show host told her audience on Tuesday, “If there was such a thing as a woman card, I would be a proud, card-carrying member,” she's not stopping there. Nope, on Tuesday, DeGeneres debuted her own card: The Ellen Card. Unlike the woman's card that Hillary Clinton's campaign has been selling ever since Donald Trump claimed Clinton is winning because of her gender, The Ellen Card is not a political statement, but rather DeGeneres' way of "encouraging acts of kindness." DeGeneres introduced the card during her opening monologue saying,

Use it to do something nice in the world, because instead of dividing people based on women’s cards or men’s cards, we should bring people together. We should do kind things for one another.

DeGeneres suggested, "If you have good service at a restaurant, leave a generous tip and some lovely thoughts on an Ellen Card." What a refreshing sentiment during what's become a rather ugly primary season — thanks to the candidate that DeGeneres wouldn't refer to directly, but instead said his name sounds like "rump."

She also made clear that The Ellen Card is for everyone — it's downloadable from her website, and comes in pink, blue, and rainbow. The talk show host wants to see the success of her card in action, and asked that cardholders send her photos of their kind acts.

Hillary Clinton seems to want to add The Ellen Card to her wallet, and tweeted at DeGeneres on Wednesday, "Love this, Ellen. Where can I get one?" To which DeGeneres funnily responded, "Sending one now. What's your home address?"

Though The Ellen Card may not be making as much of a political statement as Clinton's Woman's Card, DeGeneres did have some commentary on the presidential primaries when she debuted her card. She told the audience:

Anybody that says a woman is playing a "woman card" is really just playing a man card.

Fair point — presumably, Donald Trump wouldn't be where he is today if he was a woman, since no woman would be taken seriously if she made the absurd statements Trump makes every day.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As political talk turns to uniting Republicans in the Republican Party, and Democrats in the Democratic Party, The Ellen Card simply wants to unite people in kindness — only DeGeneres could take an ugly statement from Trump and turn it into such a positive campaign.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to carry around a whole stash of Ellen Cards — maybe DeGeneres can send some over to The Donald, too.