Deadly Clashes Erupt In Kiev Between Police And Protesters

In Kiev, Ukraine, hundreds of thousands of people have occupied the Maidan, the "Independence Square" in central Kiev, since December of last year, protesting against Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovych. On Tuesday, Ukrainian police stormed the Maiden and sparked a bloody riot between police and protesters, after Ukrainian police tried to drive two armored vehicles into the hordes of protesters.

There's a live Web feed (be warned: violent content) broadcasting the mayhem in Kiev's Independent Square, and it's reported that at least nine people have been killed, including two police officers.

Earlier Tuesday, protesters had occupied Kiev's City Hall — which they'd left after previously occupying it two days earlier — and the authorities closed the Kiev subway in order to stop more protesters joining in. When the two armored vehicles arrived, protesters pelted the vehicles with fireworks and other objects. The two cars burst into flames, apparently trapping security officers.

Protesters sang the national anthem as tear gas, smoke, fire, and the sound of gunshots filled the square, reports the New York Times Tuesday. It was the most violent scene since the protests began in November, after Ukrainian president Yanukovych turned down a trade deal with Europe.

The violence continued after night fell in Ukraine, and opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk has called for a truce, at least until morning.

Image: ecnpeco tv