There's Something Different About The New Lip Kit

by Sienna Fantozzi

ICYMI — Kylie Jenner teased a new Lip Kit shade, Exposed, and though we don't have any information on when it's going to be dropping, she's shared some pictures, and it's a seriously gorgeous nude. But she's done nudes before, so how is Exposed different from her other shades? Jenner's given us some info, and it seems like this may be her best shade yet.

Jenner and Kylie Cosmetics have been teasing the new shade all over social media, sharing photos to show off the new nude color. But if you're thinking nude is kind of "womp womp," been there, done that kind of thing — hold up. This shade is definitely different than her others. Kylie talked about the new shade on Snapchat, saying, "This shade has more of an orange undertone, so it really gives you super nude effect. I love it." Need proof? Apparently, Jenner admitted that she's been wearing Exposed exclusively for the past few weeks, so clearly, this is a shade she loves. So sneaky!

If you need to see the difference for your own eyes, though, Kylie Cosmetics teased some pictures of the new shade alongside your old favorites, so you can see for yourself how different it is.

It's definitely different— there's no pink in there. Check it next to Dolce:

The undertones are far more orange, so it's a true nude. Kylie also Snapchatted this photo:

So that's a bold statement, but her actions back it up. She's been wearing it on Instagram for weeks, unbeknownst to us all.

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So gorg, and you can tell it's definitely nude. No pinks in there at all. You can see it better in the sun:

It's about as natural as you can get while still wearing color. So see? It's totally different.