WhoNow App Helps You Organize Your Dating Life

Juggling a number of potential baes can get messy. Who works in advertising by day and paints by night? Which one volunteers at Planned Parenthood and has the pitbull-chow mix? And what the hell do your friends think about them? Enter WhoNow, an app that helps organize your dating life and helps you get feedback from your inner circle away from the prying eyes of the public.

According to their website, privacy seems to be the name of the game with this super stealthy database. No random followers are allowed, and your user profile cannot be accessed unless you specifically send an invite to someone. Once you've established your friends on the app, you can ask for advice on your latest conquests and/or potential dates. Share a photo of someone you swiped right on and poll your friends for their opinion on his weird haircut, or anonymously ask other anonymous users if you should have a second date with the hot girl you had the so-so time with via the "hotline" function.

If you've ever snapped a post-one-night-stand selfie and didn't know where to post it, WhoNow seems like the ideal place you can share it with all the necessary parties in one fell swoop. Just remember, once anything is online, it's out of your hands, so choose your app buddies wisely...


Images: Fotolia; Giphy